This Week in Panels: Week 5

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To make up for last week’s lackluster batch, we’ve returned with more substance this time.

Amazing Spider-Man #609
Marc Guggenheim, Marco Checchetto and Luke Ross

Azrael #1
Fabian Nicieza and Ramon Bachs

Batman Confidential #35
Peter Milligan and Andy Clarke

Blackest Night: Superman #3
James Robinson, Eddy Barrows and Allan Goldman

The Brave and the Bold #28
J. Michael Straczynski and Jesus Saiz

Dark Avengers #10
Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato

Dark Reign: The List: Hulk
Greg Pak and Ben Oliver

Dark Wolverine #79
Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu and Stephen Segovia

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #4
Victor Gischler and Bong Dazo

Dominic Fortune #3
Howard Chaykin

Incredible Hulk #603
Greg Pak, Ariel Olivetti and Giuseppe Camuncoli

Invincible #67
Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker

Power Girl #6
Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner

Punisher: Noir #3
Frank Tieri and Paul Azaceta

Thunderbolts #137
Rick Remender and Mahmud A. Asrar

Esther chose not to take part this week. Not that she forgot. She just told me that she only read Brave and the Bold and disliked it so much that she didn’t even feel like going through the effort. hermanos filled in the gap and had this to add:

“I know we don’t usually do commentary on issue, but can you include a note that says Brave & Bold 28 is the most offensively insulting to your intelligence piece of comics trash to come out in at least a year? Because it is. It’s stupid. Stupid in a way normal bad comics aren’t.”

It’s funny how JMS is usually a pretty damn good writer, but when he writes something bad, it’s BAAAD. Crying Dr. Doom, Iron Man being King Prick, Gwen Stacy’s clone children, the Squadron Supreme vs. Redstone cliffhanger and now this.

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13 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 5”

  1. Good Lord was that issue of Brave and the Bold a piece of shit. JMS just sucks when it comes to sub-text I guess.

  2. I’d be glad if Azrael became so popular that it superseded Amazing Spider-Man in the market. While the former had some beautiful art and delightfully intriguing writing, the latter was, as I’ve come to expect, a piece of piss.

  3. Venom’s sad eyes made me giggle throughout Dark Avengers.

  4. I love this series of articles. now I know Venom’s weaknesses are dogs and meds.

    also I’m liking Azrael more than I thought I would, sure Bachs ain’t the best artist but following up Frazer Irving takes stones.

  5. I fucking love neurotic Venom, especially with Bullseye.
    “You’re making fun of me”.

  6. None of you read Tiny Titans?

    You’re ALL fired.

  7. @ACK: I would have, but Brave and the Bold was so bad that it sapped my mental health and will to live.

  8. wait, didn’t CBR’s comic legends thing exonorate JMS of the horrendous crime that is crying doom? something about it not being in the script and was added by either JRJR or the inker. can’t remember.

  9. @Nathan: I’m going by memory here, but I think that the character that was inserted into the story was Juggernaut (the issue being that he had tried to destroy the WTC himself in an old X-Force/Spider-Man crossover, making it rather… unfortunate that he was used), not Doom.

    But honestly, I’m not sure why everyone is (still) so bent out of shape about Doom crying. So Dr. Doom, in an out of continuity story in which the superheroes and villains function purely on a symbolic level, cried. Big deal.

  10. I have always maintained that crying Doctor Doom was either a Doom-bot, or he was just crying because he didn’t think of it first.

  11. @Derk van Santvoort: Because it’s fucking hilarious, that’s why.

  12. […] threw in a brief mention of it on Sunday, but I wanted to come back around and reiterate exactly how unbelievably stupid Brave and Bold 28 […]

  13. @Meekrat: XD