This Week in Panels: Week 9

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This time, I’ve sadly been left high and dry by my 4th Letter comrades. Feh. Guess I’ll have to take care of this week myself. Maybe they won’t have anything to add to my weekly segment, but I’ll have something to add to their little podcast tomorrow, just you wait and see.

Adventure Comics #4
Geoff Johns, Sterling Gates and Jerry Ordway

The Authority: The Lost Year #3
Grant Morrison, Keith Giffen and Darick Robertson

Azrael #2
Fabian Nicieza and Ramon Bachs

Dark Avengers #11
Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato and Greg Horn

Dark Reign: The List: Amazing Spider-Man
Dan Slott and Adam Kubert

Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #5
Victor Gischler and Bong Dazo

Incredible Hulk #604
Greg Pak, Ariel Olivetti and Giuseppe Camuncoli

Invincible #68
Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley

Irredeemable #8
Mark Waid and Peter Krause

Punisher #11
Rick Remender and Tony Moore

Superman/Batman #66
Scott Kolins

Thunderbolts #138
Jeff Parker and Miguel Sepulveda

War Machine #11
Greg Pak and Wellinton Alves

The Franken-Castle storyline in Punisher is rad as hell so far. I’ll try to have a little thing up on it sometime later.

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18 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 9”

  1. See, if I lived in the 616 New York as it is now? I would be screaming “UP YOURS WEBHEAD” every single day.

    But then again, that’d require me to know about all of his relationship troubles and general dickery…

  2. I should also point out:

    “Get him, Patriot!” 😀

    “Osborn!” >:(

    Go back and look.

  3. Aw. Looks like Marvel’s finally embracing the Jim Rhodes / Ares relationship.

    Also: I don’t think there are enough “O”s in Osborn’s cry. Nor is that text bubble big enough.

  4. That’s one of my favorite Ares scenes since his revamp.

  5. ahahahahaha Sins Past

    and on Dp:MWaM it was a coin flip between that and “jar jar binks is an abomination”

    also curious, but was Lost Year any good? My shop ran out and ihave to wait till next week.

  6. I’m glad to see that the average guy-on-the-street in the Marvel-U is still dumber than a hamster…

  7. As stupid as Sins Past is, it’s the only way Gwen Stacy’s death makes sense post-OMD. Really, why else would Norman kill her?

  8. @Gavok: I’m not sure what OMD has to do with it, but Osborn kidnapped and killed her because she was dating Spider-Man, who he blamed for all his misfortunes.

  9. @david brothers: Well, yes, that’s why he did it originally, until Sins Past said it was also because Gwen was having his kid. But now due to “something”, Norman no longer knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Yet he vividly remembers killing Gwen Stacy. If it wasn’t for the pregnancy angle, Norman should be able to piece together the Peter/Spider-Man connection, but that’s no longer the case.

  10. @Nathan: Lost Year is promising. Morrison’s idea for why our Earth lacks the superhuman touch is really out of left field.

  11. @ Gavok: OMD hasn’t changed how any past events have happened, just the recollection of certain aspects of it.

    Norman killed Gwen because she was dating Peter Parker, that hasn’t changed. Norman just forgot who Spider-man is December 2008.

  12. @Probe: I’m not disagreeing with you. What I’m saying is that without Sins Past, the memory fuckery wouldn’t make any sense in the current storytelling.

    Originally, when it happened back in the 70’s, Osborn killed Gwen because she was dating Peter Parker and Osborn found out that he was Spider-Man. He was only using her to get to him. Nice and simple.

    Then Sins Past said that he killed her because not only was she dating Peter, but on top of that, there was the whole affair thing going on. So thanks to the retcon, he had two reasons all of the sudden.

    Then One More Day happens and nobody remembers who Spider-Man is, including Osborn. He’s completely forgotten that he killed Gwen because of Parker. If he thinks back to it, he’d think, “Why did I kill Gwen Stacy anyway? Oh, yes. That whole affair drama. Good times.”

    If it wasn’t for Sins Past adding that at-the-time unnecessary retcon, he’d be thinking, “Why did I kill Gwen Stacy anyway? To piss off her boyfriend? But why would I do that? Why am I drawing a blank here? I need to look into this.”

  13. @Gavok: The way you phrase it almost makes it seem that Sins Past was conceived as a story to bridge the gap between OMD and older status quo.

    Not saying that’s how it was, but it’s a scary thought, no?

  14. To kill Gwen Stacy to get to Spider-Man, Osborn doesn’t need to know that she’s Spider-Man’s girlfriend. If he thinks Spider-Man and Peter Parker are partners (since he takes all of Spider-Man’s pictures) that could lead him to Gwen.

  15. You’re overthinking it. By which I mean you’re thinking about it period.

    OMD was a magic answer because there wasn’t a logical method to do what editorial wanted for the character without extensive backtracking and loophole-closing that Marvel tries to avoid of late to the point that even footnote captions are seen as bad form. OMD has created a great many continuity glitches and logical failures in the overall timeline, but let’s face it: Spidey met the Beatles and Flash Thompson was a Vietnam veteran – and that was BEFORE the whole Deal With The Devil gig. It’s a bit redundant to start questioning the integrity of the backstory now.

  16. Man, I gotta get to the shop. I missed last week. I was enjoying Diggle on Thunderbolts, but I’m a big Jeff Parker fan. Is the new issue as promising as I think it’ll be?

    I’d also be interested in a longish form essay from you on how the current Deadpool books stack up.

  17. @clay: It’s hard to judge Thunderbolts by the first issue, but it has promise. Especially because the next issue is the obligatory “Jeff Parker is writing this so…” crossover with Agents of Atlas.

    Great idea with the Deadpool article. I’ll give that a couple more issues of Team-Up before starting.

  18. For me, I’m enjoying the plotlines more in the main Deadpool title, but I find Merc with a Mouth much funnier. Which is important in Deadpool. You’re right; Team-up needs to develop more before assessment.

    Actually, I probably liked the Kelly-written ASM issue with Deadpool more than any issues of his own book since Cable & Deadpool was canceled.