This Week in Panels: Week 33

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Time for another go at TWiP, including a rare couple panels from Esther. Also, reader Space Jawa tossed in a panel from Thor and the Warriors Four. If you really dig a comic that you see we aren’t reading and want to toss us a scan, by all means. Email’s on the top right.

Tossed in the few Free Comic Book Day issues I’ve had time to read.

Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine #1
Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert

Atomic Robo Free Comic Book Day
Brian Clevinger, Scott Wegener and others

Avengers: The Origin #2
Joe Casey and Phil Noto

Batman and Robin #12
Grant Morrison, Andy Clarke and Dustin Nguyen

Batman Confidential #44
Kevin VanHook and Tom Mandrake

Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers #2
Reginald Hudlin and Denys Cowan

Bongo Comics Free-For-All
Ian Boothby, John Delaney and many others

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors #2
Ken Siu-Chong, Eric Vedder and Joe Vriens

Hellboy in Mexico
Mike Mignola and Richard Corben

Incorruptible #5
Mark Waid and Horacio Domingues

Iron Man/Nova Free Comic Book Day
Paul Tobin and Craig Rousseau

Iron Man/Thor Free Comic Book Day
Matt Fraction and John Romita Jr.

Irredeemable #13
Mark Waid and Diego Barreto

Red Robin #12
Christopher Yost and Marcus To

Secret Six #21
Gail Simone and J. Calafiore

Thor and the Warriors Four #2
Alex Zalben, Gurihiru and Colleen Coover

Toy Story Free Comic Book Day
Jesse Blaze Snider and Nathan Watson

Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #2
Jeph Loeb and Frank Cho

Yes, even for free, I can’t bring myself to care about reading that War of the Supermen stuff. And I LIKE Superman!

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13 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 33”

  1. Did Red Robin just use Mark Millar’s “This is me” line?

  2. Yeah, Wakandan medicine is so great they’ve cured Cancer. But they won’t tell you how. They thought about it once, but decided we didn’t deserve it.
    So what happened this time with the fight? Was it a tie between Cap and the Panther, like it was originally written in original continuity, or did the Black Panther win because this is Hudlin continuity?

  3. @Joe England: The Black Panther won because he’s been a warrior-king for years while Cap has only been a soldier for a few.

  4. Thor and the Warriors Four is the best book Marvel has right now, bar none. And the promo for the next issue may well be the most adorable thing I’ve seen in … well, ever.

  5. Yeah. And because Hudlin likes the Black Panther more.
    I mean, I wouldn’t mind so much if Reggie hadn’t described it as “Captain America getting his butt whipped.” That’s just rubbing it in.

  6. @Joe England: He won because it was Panther’s book. It’s not some big crime against nature. Spider-Man’s beaten Firelord, the New Warriors beat Terrax, etc etc. In the scheme of things, what does it matter if Captain America lost? It fits in more with the idea of Wakanda as a juggernaut in waiting, held back only by their isolationist tendencies.

  7. @Joe England:

    I totally agree, like when Panther beat the Fantastic Four, it’s clearly because Kirby liked Panther more.

  8. @Joe England: Dazzler beat Galactus once by absorbing another super-villain who happened to be entirely made of “solid sound” and shooting at him. The Carnage symbiote possessed the Silver Surfer once, too. Know why? Comic books. These kind of things happen.

    As far as continuity goes, this is the reason why a LOT of comic fans hate it: “Well when it happened ORIGINALLY…” so that means every single writer until the end of time needs to be a slave to continuity, ideas and creative freedom needs to be stunted if not outright arrested? Come on, now…that’s certainly not the kind of comic book world I ever want to live in.

  9. No ‘tec, I vaguely remember one of you reading Arkham Reborn.

    Also who read Red Robin? If it was Esther I’d like to know if I’m not an internet liar

  10. It’s really the altered continuity that bugs me. I don’t have a problem with the Black Panther beating Captain America, I have a problem with changing history. But I suppose that’s an antiquated notion… maybe I’m being unreasonable, like Ben says. It seems like nowadays whenever I see something in comics which irritates me I then see some dissertation over how that’s simply the nature of the medium and I should accept it.
    Death is meaningless? That’s comics, don’t complain. Continuity is like silly-putty? That’s comics, don’t complain. The notion of heroes not killing is considered passe? Comics change, don’t complain. Characters are written inconsistently? Comics. Don’t complain. Plot holes? Nope. Just comics.
    Complaining about things is one of the greatest joys I have when it comes to comics. I take this stuff seriously because it suits me to do so. Pardon me as I indulge, I really don’t mean to argue. I just want my side to be heard.

  11. @Ben Gebhart That is EXACTLY the kind of comic book world I want to live in. Which is why I don’t read DC.

  12. @david brothers: Like how Batman can only be knocked on in a non Batman related book

  13. Is there any chance you could go back to having these panels to clickable, so we can see the enlarged version. Like it was when you first started this weekly thing.