Ruining the Moment: Volume 3

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I should be finishing up my next installment of the WCW debacle, but it’s taking longer than I thought. Admittedly, it’s the least exciting of the three articles and it covers the most issues. Expect it up within the next few days. Honest.

In the meantime, how’s about we pass the time with more of these? For instance, in Annihilation, it was pretty badass when the Silver Surfer returned to Galactus’ thrall as herald. But I know the real reason Galactus was smiling.

Cassandra Cain Batgirl has been out of it for the past few months, acting like a villain and murdering people. I think I have an explanation.

Captain Mar-Vell has returned to the Marvel Universe, despite the fact that nobody really asked for it. Sadly, it’s time for the Captain to learn the truth about his life.

Metalocalypse is an awesome show. You should know that already.

This one was pretty unnecessary. That first panel is legit. If anything, I’m just getting rid of the ensuing fight scene.

The Iron Spider-Man vs. Iron Man fight in Civil War mixed with sticking a power drill in your ear.

Supernova is Booster Gold! Of course! Looking back at this, it suddenly becomes so obvious! Warning: joke only makes sense to fans of Justice League Unlimited.

Leonard Snart proves to us that, no, those two things aren’t real after all.

Animal Man breaking the fourth wall during his death scene in 52 was pretty touching. Thank God Mark Millar had no part of it, eh?

Who’s the newest justice team? Agents of Atlas, apparently.

The scene at the end of Earth X where Reed Richards makes his son believe he’s Galactus in order to save Earth is heartbreaking. So, what if it wasn’t Franklin under the helmet?

You know what? Redemption is overrated.

World War III is prevented thanks to four words from one determined cop.

Civil War with a little Infinite Crisis flavor. First we have Earth 2 Captain America:

Then we make an amalgam out of epic hero deaths.

Before I forget, my friends at Tehinter.net went and made this work of art. The right side is a Ruin the Moment entry created by Yawgatog of the Something Awful forums, based on one of Bruce Wayne’s more chafe-filled moments.

That’s about it for now.

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3 comments to “Ruining the Moment: Volume 3”

  1. Man, I didn’t notice how those CW panels were totally out of sequence untill trying to make that sentance work…

    Also aren’t only 2 of Mar-Vell’s kids gay? I mean one is dead right? And isn’t Marvel Boy also his kid?

  2. Phyla and Moondragon are an item, Genis is pretty openly bisexual (I think from the volume of CM before he went crazy), and what’s his face from Young Avengers is gay. He’s just got the three, right?

    Marvel Boy is unrelated! he is from an alternate universe Kree society.

  3. Loved both Cap manips, Gavok. 😀

    My brother just finished reading Infinite Crisis and I showed them both… he laughed out loud literally.