A Late Question

March 29th, 2007 by | Tags: ,

“The death of Captain America should’ve happened in Civil War.”

Have you guys seen anyone say that? Said it yourself?

I don’t get it. Civil War had a (lackluster) ending. Cap dying was only tangentially related to it, in that it just provided a somber backstory for it. He died as a result of a plot that’s been building in the book since issue one. It shouldn’t have happened in Civil War at all!

I think what it is is that Captain America 25 was a good read, and a better read than Civil War #7. It had the bang we wanted from the end of Civil War, rather than the sound and fury CW7 delivered.

I mean, really, CW was over in the first issue when they passed the law.

Food for thought?

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5 comments to “A Late Question”

  1. My guess(and it is just a guess, I didn’t do any surveys so I could be wrong) is that fans feel like they’ve been cheated out af an event. The way the industry has worked in the past is that the death of a character as big as Cap has to have a huge build-up or be part of some blockbuster mini-series or specially produced book(Superman, Spidey, Captain Marvel).

    I think the fact that we got a non-ending to Civil War and then the death of such a big character in something as ‘low key’ as a regular issue of a regular series seems incongruous to many of us, and a ‘logical’ solution is to combine those two problems into a solution that would have fitted into the way things have always been done(Captain America dying at the end of Civil War).

    Just my two cents.

  2. And I’ve just realised that that’s pretty much what you said. Well, I feel pretty foolish for skim-reading now.

    Still, I think I get points for the word ‘incongruous’.

  3. Agreed; Cap’s death happened where it should have happened. People who think it should have happened in CW are simply reacting to the mini’s overall suckitude and lame-ass ending.

  4. Excellent point.

    (Too bad I’ve yet to read the Cap issue in-question.)

  5. Seriously? My comic shop had a fat stack of reprints up there last time I checked. Waiting on the trade, or just unlucky?