Ruining the Moment: Volume 2

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Hal Jordan watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That’s his dream. That’s his nightmare.

Hey, now. Looks like it’s time for another installment of Ruining the Moment! Let’s roll.

Doomsday showed his true colors early on by crushing a bird upon walking the Earth and reveling in it. I’d say hermanos’ take is better.

People claim the Midnighter is supposed to be a homosexual Batman with a computer brain superpower. That can’t be right, since Batman rarely rants about how great he is. No, I think I know exactly who the Midnighter is truly based on.

Of course, I have to have some kind of take on the best scene from Kingdom Come.

When Alan Scott’s daughter Jade died in space, a shockwave knocked her into green ashes and blew her into the distance. The rest just writes itself.

Speaking of Infinite Crisis, Alexander Luthor explained that Earth 8 is where guys who picked up old hero gimmicks really came from (ie. in Earth 8, Kyle Rayner was Green Lantern). This got me thinking…

The Ultimate Spider-Clone Saga had this one weird little exchange that I wanted to add to Watchmen. The results?

Now this is what I call Ultimate Captain America! He always was good at making speeches.

A sequel. It really only makes sense if you watch that link.

This comes from that weird Infinite Crisis tie-in where Superman and Earth-2 Superman switched places. I merged a couple scenes and narration to make Superman seem like even more of a jerk.

From the end of Infinite Crisis, Alexander Luthor realized that he shouldn’t have messed with his alternate universe father or his crazy clown friend. Special thanks to Jale for helping me improve the image by reminding me to add an actual punch line.

A couple quick 52 gags. I realized shortly after making this one that it really isn’t very different from what actually happened.

I feel the need to print this out and get as many people to sign it at NYC Comic Con as I can. I’m being serious.

You all know I love Booster Gold and welcome the idea that he’s Supernova, but if only…

I am as proud of this image as I am ashamed. Magneto is trapped in a dire reality. Not in a world of Marvel Zombies but of…

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2 comments to “Ruining the Moment: Volume 2”

  1. Ah Warrior. Will your crazy ever cease to just baffle the hell out of everybody. WWE should hire him again. He can headline for “ECW”…

  2. You know, that Earth 8 thing makes a whole lot of sense.