Ruining the Moment: Volume 4

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It’s time for another look at decent comic book scenes as having been skewed by horrible Photoshop skills. First, we have Civil War, where Reed Richards shuts down the cyborg Thor clone with his complicated voice-activated code.

Being in an Illuminati meeting was pretty fun stuff if it was a holiday.

Iffy quality on this one, but it gets the joke across. The original context is Batman’s panic attack in Infinite Crisis, right after Brother Eye sent a bunch of OMACs to kill the Amazons.

Planet Hulk was good stuff. So was that one Pulse issue where D-Man was out of his mind. Together… I don’t know.

Remember that time Deadpool hit Kitty Pryde with a Shoryuken uppercut to piss off Wolverine? No? Well, it happened. Here, it all comes full circle.

Frank Castle, on the other hand, is a fan of more digitized fighting games.

Matt Fraction’s wife had looked at 4th Letter over the past week, totally making hermanos’ day, so there’s a slight chance that she’ll stumble upon this Iron Fist gag.

Starman deals with his brother’s murderer. Either you get it or you don’t. If you don’t, rectify it immediately.

The final page of Grant Morrison’s under-appreciated Seaguy. It’s subtle.

If you’re reading this, you’re on the internet and you like comics. If you’re on the internet and you like comics, then you’ve probably seen the Batman: Dark Knight hype sites.

The big, Russian dude to Breakworld: “I must break you.”

Machine Man Aaron Stack showed himself to be a true hero in Earth X. Whatever you do, don’t let Warren Ellis find out.

Tony Stark’s breakdown in Civil War: The Confession. A ruined moment that references a montage of ruined moments.

It’s the new breakout star of DC Comics, everybody! He’d still make a better team member than Geo-Force.

This is the greatest comic in the world… tribute.

And that fills my quota. Thanks for reading.

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7 comments to “Ruining the Moment: Volume 4”

  1. major props for the D reference, and mega props for referencing hte best bonus featyure on a DVD ever in the ribs one.

  2. Just a tiny correction, but Machine Man is not A @#$#, but instead is, in fact, total #$@!. The “A” is incorrect.

  3. It’s okay. Earth X is out of continuity!

  4. Man. Most of those went so high over my shiny dome that… that there was a lotta space between them and my shiny dome.

    So yeah, I didn’t get’em.

  5. Like which ones?

  6. The Street Fighter one was the best. I was laughing so hard at that one, it hurt.

    I wonder what’s next for that bit of dialogue…

    “You smug son of a–say, have you ever been to 4thletter.net?”
    “As if–”

  7. Thanks, Ari. Good to see that you remain the unfunniest man on the internet.