This Week in Panels: Week 35

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This week’s update took me longer than it should have because my scanner was being a dick. Everyone join me in yelling at my scanner for being a dick.

Age of Heroes #1
Kurt Busiek, Marko Djurdjevic and many others

Atlas #1
Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman and Ramon Rosanas

Avengers #1
Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr.

Azrael #8
Fabian Nicieza and Ramon Bachs

Deadpool #23
Daniel Way and Carlo Barberi

Enter the Heroic Age
Jim McCann, David Lopez and many others

Invincible Iron Man #26
Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca

Joe the Barbarian #5
Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy

Marvelous Land of Oz #6
Eric Shanower and Skottie Young

Ultimate Avengers 2 #8
Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu

WWE Heroes #3
Keith Champagne and Andy Smith

Not only does that not look anything like Mickie James, but her hair and outfit change colors by the panel. WWE Heroes is a stupid, stupid comic and yet I can’t help myself by reading it. I mean, the latest issue ends with Chris Jericho possessed by a demon, saying, “DID SOMEBODY ASK FOR A SPECIAL REFEREE?!”

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5 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 35”

  1. I’m impressed that they seemed to have remembered some of these guys are covered in ink. I have no idea WHO that is, but its the first panel I’ve seen where they seem to have added in the tats…

  2. So is WWE Heroes awesomely bad, or just plain bad? It looks just plain bad to me. I will say that even though the guy on the right doesn’t look anything like him, the outfit screams Shawn Michaels.

  3. 3D Man. I am swooning.

  4. @KentL: It’s not just bad, it’s the sort of brain crackingly incoherent that you’re shocked and confused someone actually wrote and drew that and declared it publishable.

  5. Having just read WWE Heroes 3, I have to say that the final panel, the aforementioned possessed Jericho, is absolutely awesome. Sure it makes no sense but it’s probably some of the best art in the issue, although that isn’t saying much.

    The art has no consistency whatsoever. As Gavok pointed out, Mickie James appears as a blonde in blue and a brunette in pink in the same issue, while the colouring in the latter half of the book makes John Morrison look black. They may have finally managed to make Batasta and Randy Orton look slightly different, it’s mostly the tatoos, but that doesn’t mean that they actually look anything like the person they’re supposed to. John Cena only looks like himself in one panel in the entire comic, despite being a major character. It just generally looks pretty awful.

    The consider the story progression:

    There isn’t any.

    This issue basically provides one match, which ends on a stupid cliffhanger, and general comments to the effect of “What does the villain want?”, without explicitly telling us anything. It feels like the writers genuinely don’t know what they want to do with the comic, so they’re just filling it with as much padding as they possibly can. About a quarter of the issue is just the infighting among the superstars about whether they should do anything.

    One bit of characterisation they got right:

    Cena no-sells Sweet Chin Music.