Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Seven

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Here’s our final round for the issue. Yesterday, Captain America and Hawkeye fought Sabretooth and Multiple Man to their hearts’ content. This story is going to have to move real quick if it’s going to wrap up in three pages. Good thing we have Quicksilver.

And that’s the end of that, at least for a couple weeks. As always, thanks go out to my imaginary friend ManiacClown. Thanks also to all of you who read this, enjoy it and make the effort to get others to read and enjoy this. Yes, Virginia. You can polish a turd.

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5 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Seven”

  1. Oh god, that last panel caused me the hack up something nasty. It took me by surprise.

  2. First time posting here, but I wanted to say thank you for all those involved in making fun of this horrible Ultimates title!

    I loved the first two Ultimates series, but I avoided the third series since the delays were upsetting me. Good thing I did, since the story so far is pathetic!

    I’m happy to see the artwork (at least that is good), along with your jokes. I’m also a fan of MightyGodKing’s work with Civil War, but your style is different than his. Plus you seem to do more work with making fun of comics too.

    I’ll be checking this site out often, and laughing just as much. 😀 Keep up the good work!

    Oh, since you guys are so good at making fun of Jeph Loeb, have you (or did you ever think about) made fun of his Wolverine arc that was pure crap?

  3. 90’s Checklist
    – Tits (check)
    – Wolverine (check)
    – Tits (check)
    – Unnecessary Deaths/Revivals (not yet)
    – Unusual Badassery unbefitting of a charachter (hawk-check)

    Thankyou for the edits. This book really is a farce.

  4. Wolverine?!?!?!?! NOW I’LL HAVE TO BUY IT.

  5. “and the cats in the cradle and…”


    oh that was great

    added ya’ll to my lj feed. keep rocking

    (oh, when are ya’ll gonna spoof miller/lee’s all-star batman?) 😉