Ultimatum Edit Week 3: Day One

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Ah, nothing like a major company event taking a lengthy delay to let you stretch out your legs and enjoy your vacation. Time’s up, I’m afraid and it’s time to get back on the horse. Welcome to another week of Ultimatum Edit.

The first two weeks are here and here. If you need to go back even farther, just hit the Ultimate Edit like a good kid.

I’d explain what’s gone on previously, but I’ll just let the comic explain it for me.

Thanks to ManiacClown, who has returned once again to help me co-write this. Tomorrow we’ll get some explosive action with Multiple Man.

Day Two!
Day Three!
Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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14 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 3: Day One”

  1. …did you just sneak in a Butthole Surfers reference, or was that my imagination?

  2. Probably your imagination. Explain.

  3. I dunno. The bit about “My god, I-I’ve never seen anything like this” combined with Europe being wiped out reminded me of their song The Last Astronaut. Quiet tune with the random interjections of a man on a satellite, looking down as WWIII breaks out. There’s one bit that’s familiar to that.

  4. My god. Loeb is truly where good comics go to die…

  5. Haha, loved the Squid mention.

  6. The “Fox News Report” had me laughing out loud.

    And I don’t know what’s more disturbing: Rick Astley as a sign of an apocalypse, or that Wanda Maximov might be the next Sorceress Supreme. Doesn’t that position require, oh, say, a sanity test?

  7. “My face needs Pop-Up Blocker”.


    Whenever really bad comics come out, I’m usually happy since guys like you make them readable. 🙂

    Any chance of doing the “Ultimate Wolverine VS Hulk” mini-series? Issue 3 is just ripe for jokes. I liked your little slam for it on page one as well.

  8. That spread may very well be your finest work, including the page in Ultimates 3 where Stark references Achewood.

  9. I would’ve stuck with the Rule of 3 for the incest jokes, but then again maybe you weren’t joking. I don’t know you.

  10. HEYYY whats wrong with larry stroman?

  11. @terrence: Off the top of my head…

  12. If Bishop was supposed to look like that he’d have the most adorable mutation ever.

  13. Oh my god, Bishop only has 4 fingers!

  14. Larry Stroman’s art is intolerable. I couldn’t read any of his X-Factor issues. But since it was a She-Hulk crossover for Secret Invasion, something tells me I didn’t miss much.