Ultimatum Edit Week 2: Day One

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And we’re back. Ultimatum #2 came out this week in a one-two punch of grief alongside its brother in arms Hulk #9. Both very bad. Really, you’re better off reading the new Batman because it’s freaking awesome. I know most of you were disappointed in RIP, but it’s a cool follow-up. For reals.

In the first week of Ultimatum Edit, several characters (and countless civilians that we don’t hear much about) are killed as New York City is covered in a big tidal wave. Then Latveria is frozen. Xavier creates a mental chatroom and tells everyone that Magneto’s behind everything.

So far this has nothing to do with the word “ultimatum” other than it’s based on “ultimate” and sounds cool. As far as I know, Magneto isn’t negotiating anything.

Just to point out to those who haven’t read this issue, this is the entirety of Spider-Man and Hulk’s appearance for the comic. So to review, Spider-Man’s actions in Ultimatum #2 are as follows:

1) Have trouble lifting a car.
2) Have Hulk lift car.

Thanks to ManiacClown, who vehemently disagreed with my shilling on the splash page.

Tomorrow, jokes about Iron Man being drunk. Those never get old!

Day Two!
Day Three!
Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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8 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 2: Day One”

  1. you do realise this means you have to read this comic multiple times ?

  2. It’s always been my mantra that I read bad comics so you don’t have to. Except now I’m reading bad comics so you can read bad comics too, but this time they’re… hold up, I have to rethink this.

  3. At least you weren’t the one with the splash page handy when your copy “ripped”.

    Yeah, I knew what the hell you meant.

  4. @Gavok: your plan is backfiring (on us)

  5. Okay, I lost it at the Grant Morrison joke… Thanks for making me “that guy” at work 🙂

  6. @Graham: LoL, yeah that grant morrison joke killed me dead too

  7. Reminds me of that point in Hellboy 2 where people were starting to get up and leave the theater – that big plant dude showed up and two dudes in the back began shouting “‘EY IT’S CLOVERFIELD! WHAT UP CLOVERFIELD?!?!” I wanted to buy them ice cream when I left ten minutes later but they’d disappeared, back into the foggy night of the city to defend justice. . .

  8. @Pat!:

    me too and also the Vin Diesel crack too 😀