Ultimatum Edit Week 4: Day Two

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I’m sure you remember yesterday… or maybe not. I mean, nothing really happened due to it being just a cover, a recap and a page of Hulk breaking stuff. At least here we’ll get somewhere.

Blame ManiacClown for the Yo Gabba Gabba thing. The dude’s a dad, so I guess that’s his excuse. Still, he showed me clips from that show of Biz Markie talking to children while being stoned out of his mind, so I can’t hate on it.

If you want some actual context on how we got from point A to point B, in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man and Hulk stumbled upon Strange’s house, where demons and stuff were being released due to the place’s structural damage. Strange was taken over by Nightmare, who attacked the heroes, only for Hulk to pound on Nightmare until that big explosion happened. I explain this because Ultimate Spider-Man is the only comic that makes the Ultimatum situation not suck.

We’ll be back tomorrow for more from Strange and the Great Pumpkin.

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7 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 4: Day Two”

  1. Man, biz is so stoned in that clip, he’s not just out of his own mind, he’s stoned out of his, mine, and Gavok’s! Maybe all of yours, too! Dude’s so stoned he’s rocking the Old Power.

  2. Let me see if I understand the situation.

    Spider-Man, freshly pulverized from the Hulk, is now eternally trapped in Dormannu’s bling.

    Is it me, or are these edits a vast improvement over the originals?

  3. @W4: Alas, you misunderstand. In the Loeb text, it’s the Human Torch who is trapped, powering the demon. I mean, he was so close to the building – and completely involved in that sub-plot – isn’t it obvious?

  4. @Salieri: Wait, seriously? That’s the human torch?

    Why do I have this morbid curiosity with Ultimatum? Unless… Loeb is Dormannu and he make his comics addicting with some kind of crack-laced paper. I have solved the “Why the hell is the red hulk still around, who keeps buying those comics?” mystery.

  5. @Digital: He’s not shitting you at all. Despite dying(?) in the Baxter Building, somehow Dormammu is using the Torch’s form on Earth as a host.

  6. Gavok you need to combine your masterful lyrical sense with some kind of musicman and produce an album. Or at least an EP. I’d give you money! You could be like Jonathan Coulton, only with less hipsters in your fanbase!

  7. Ultimatum hurts my head.

    -Why wouldn’t Dormannu use Multiple Men to power his bling? Before [spoiler], there were hundreds of exploding Multiple Men.
    -How *did* Dormannu get Torch?
    -Why doesn’t Dr. Strange just [spoiler] like he did in the straight-to-DVD animated movie “Doctor Strange?”