A warning to all those attending Comic-Con 2009.

June 7th, 2009 by | Tags: ,

The thirteenth episode of Dollhouse is going to be aired at Comic-Con 2009.

Below are two images from the episode:



The warning is this:

Do not get between me and this screening.  Do not.  I will bludgeon you to death.  I will kick out your knees.  I will whip off my upper-deck pass-holder and strangle you with it.

You have been notified.

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3 comments to “A warning to all those attending Comic-Con 2009.”

  1. That’s the show about the hookers with minds like a child’s, yeah?
    I know I read comics, but this premise does nothing for me.

  2. @AlLoggins: It’s about programmable people, but yeah, in practice it often comes down to that.

    I hate the premise, and I wasn’t even fond of the first few episodes, but I watched for Joss Whedon and episodes 5-11 really rocked.


    Deal! But ditto to you with Johnny Depp for me!!!

    See you there!