You’re Always a Day! A! Way!

April 1st, 2010 by | Tags:

Wonder-Con is tomorrow!

The booths!  The people!  The smell of storm-trooper armor.  Me, skulking around the DC area hoping that someone will say something spoilerish like they did at Comic-Con.  Me staring at Gail Simone like a creepy fangirl who can’t manage a conversation – which I kind of am.  Oh well!

The panel that David and I and the theyFanboys are hosting on Saturday, 12:30, in room 220.

Already I’m thinking about the regrettable purchases I am going to make, the awkward questions I am going to pose, and the possibility of running into Kevin Smith in the halls.

Oh, it is going to be fantastic.

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One comment to “You’re Always a Day! A! Way!”

  1. Indeed it is. Got my sister to agree to come for once, gonna be a blast.

    Also premiere of Matt Smith Who