Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Three

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If you forgot about yesterday already, here’s the gist of it: Hawkeye and Captain America proved their worth in protecting the innocent by drugging an innocent Spider-Man, threatening to kill him and then leaving him to die alone in the snow. But if you want a real recap, you’re in luck.

Thanks to ManiacClown, who wrote a huge chunk of this one. And thanks to John Rambo, for killing half a continent over the course of 90 minutes. I salute you.

Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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3 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Three”

  1. Sifl & Olly-

  2. “Where have you been since the industrial revolution?!”
    I will use that at every oppurtunity. Thank You.

  3. Sticking quotations on “writer” at the start was kinda harsh.