Ultimate Edit Week: Day Five

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Yesterday, the big Venom fight had come to a conclusion, Wasp and Hawkeye got at each other’s throats and everyone’s favorite Alabama prom couple copped attitude at Captain America. Now we got a lot of talking. Sorry. The next three pages aren’t the most exciting.

Just want to make a note that some people have missed. Neither me nor ManiacClown are the guy that did the famous Civil War parody. That was MightyGodKing. I appreciate the compliment, though.

More fun on Monday.

Day Six!
Day Seven!

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2 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week: Day Five”

  1. I like that Wasp has her wings active ALL THE TIME. No matter what size she is. She should go Giant Size and have GIANT WINGS! Then she can come to Phoenix and fan the whole city. Ahhhhh. Refreshing Giant Woman Bug Breeze…

    But yeah anything to distract me from wondering how Jan went from black haired Chinese to red-haired European. I bet it happens in the final part of Hulk vs. Wolverine. In fact anything about this series that makes no sense? Can be explained by issue 4 of Hulk vs. Wolverine…

  2. The last page was a more compelling and unexpected plot twist than anything that happened in the real comics.