Ultimate Edit Week: Day Four

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As we last left our heroes… Wait. Nobody really looks up to these jokers. As we last left our vigilante protagonists, Venom was kicking their asses. Then Valkyrie flew down from left field and tried chopping him up. It didn’t take. Venom has the sword and has a decent idea of how to use it.

In that first image, at the very bottom, am I the only one who thinks that Venom looks like he’s wearing a monocle? “We want to look rich!”

Once again, thanks to ManiacClown. That ham thing was his brainchild.

Tomorrow = more.

Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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4 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week: Day Four”

  1. Why did they move out of the Super Gov’t Super-Rad Tower of Three Sides of Ultimateness into a refurbished apartment complex?

    Also thanks to these parodies I actually went and skimmed my roommate’s issue of this comic. Dear gods. And by that –

    Dear Gods:

    Plz kill Jeph Loeb and Madadadadera. Or hit them with Parkinson’s. I’m good either way.

    Thank you.


  2. End of the last series. basicly, they cut ties with the government

  3. Pray to all the plural Gods you want, Jeph is just going to wind up with a Claremontship. Punishment enough, some would say. Others would go further, demanding a Byrning, or even an Austenry.

    Basically what I’m saying is he’ll keep making comics as long as he isn’t a total ass and enough fans buy ’em.

    And it won’t take Divine Intervention to get Mad! away from working. Just the next World of Warcraft expansion pack.

  4. Until this moment I have been entirely apathetic about WOW. But now?

    Code, Blizzard! Code like the wind!