Ultimatum Edit Week 2: Day Two

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Yesterday’s venture showed us Spider-Man and Hulk creating a bond of pure friendship.

Speaking of friendship, let’s give a look at what’s going on with Iron Man and Captain America.

While thanking co-writer ManiacClown goes without saying, a special thanks to Syrg and Gorilla Salad for their assistance.

Join us tomorrow to see Yellowjacket and Hawkeye play everyone’s favorite game: Where In the World Is Janet Van Dyne?

Day Three!
Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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18 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 2: Day Two”

  1. Murmaider!!!!

  2. Oops…Mermaid + Murder = Mermaider? Now I have to look it up…

  3. Wow, you’ve discovered some plotholes I didn’t even see(and showed in remarkable fashion) like the chainmail and Iron Man breaking the glass with cap while the door is 2 metres away.

  4. I’m not usually one to harp on bad art, or even bad work in general, but HOLY CRAP is that a terrible picture of Carol Danvers.

  5. @Olivier: Don’t forget the lack of shield when Iron Man busts in.

  6. i wanna write a new song
    it’s about magneto murder
    i’m thinking of calling it magneturder


  7. I’m still stunned by the decline in quality from V1 to v3. Ultimatum? Gad.

  8. LOL!!!

    i love these

    esp. that first page 🙂

  9. if Stark was written like an irresponsible dickbag all the time I’d buy three copies of each book he’s in.

  10. and where the hell is Mahr-Vell ?

  11. HOLY CRAP is that a terrible picture of Carol Danvers.

    Don’t forget to look at how she’s holding the rifle. That’s some finger-breaking gun discipline there.

  12. Wow. I think this turd has inspired you guys to new heights.

  13. You know, I just noticed something else wrong with Carol. She has a scope on an assault rifle. Who does that?

  14. @ManiacClown:

    It’s a poorly drawn M-16, but I’ve had to use optics on that very same weapon. It’s really not out of place. I imagine Finch didn’t have the resources to draw something that better resembled a CCO Scope.

  15. Hmm. Well, I guess I learned something today.

  16. It’s not an M4? That was my first guess when I saw it.

    That picture made me unbelievably irritated when I first saw it. Poor trigger discipline, an assault rifle in one hand, a sub-machine gun in the other, and then like a flintlock musket in her belt… all indoors where there are no enemy combatants?


  17. @david brothers:

    The (crappy) drawing shows that the stock of the rifle isn’t retractable, though the size had me thinking it could have been an M4.

  18. Dudes, this is even better than Ultimates 3 edit. Kudos, seriously. “I grew my goatee just like you!”