Ultimatum Edit Week 3: Day Six

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Yesterday’s installment featured Thor and Captain America talking about financing or whatever, followed by Iron Man and Ms. Less-Than-Marvel taking on Multiple Man. Then an arrow shot out. Who could it possibly be?!

In Ultimate X-Men #100, they killed off Ultimate Madrox, so in one fell swoop we get rid of the Matrix and Rocky Horror jokes. Due to the latter, ManiacClown is currently inconsolable.

Join us tomorrow as we close out yet another week.

Day Seven!

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10 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 3: Day Six”

  1. wait…did this comic seriously happen? Thats just…retarded

  2. This was probably the part that made my head hurt the most in the issue. Why the fuck did all the clones crawl onto Hank?

  3. And as a follow-up to Syrg’s question, why did Hank kneel down and let the clones climb on him? That would be like Juggernaut ripping off his helmet before fighting Charles Xavier and Jean Grey.

  4. Also, why did they wait until they were out in the water before they detonated?

  5. Also, why is this making money?

  6. And why in the hell was the explosion so damn powerful it instantly stripped him to the bone? Do C4 and Pym Particles interact violently?

  7. @PJ: I’d imagine it’s because people are idiots.

    @Syrg and W4: I know. That’s the part of this whole issue that made the least sense to me, too. That was the reason for Clint’s line about crushing or throwing them.

    @Gavok: Hey, Agent Smith may be dead, but there’s still the potential for RHPS jokes! If I and more than maybe 3 people reading seen Shock Treatment we could mine that. Still, with our penchant for better-than-Loeb absurdity, I’m sure we’ll manage.

  8. …wait, what?

    that…that’s just fucking stupid.

    i mean, even if hank has a death wish because jan is dead, that still doesn’t explain why the maddrox clones waited to explode until they were so far out to sea

    also, why am i even bothering to find reason in this

  9. @Pat! reason and logic cower before the might of Loeb’s storytelling genius

  10. Why did so many of the Maddrox clones even climb on him in the first place? Wasn’t their target the Triskellion? They basically put all their eggs in one basket to kill a single man.