Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day One

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What, you don’t think we forgot about this, did you? It’s another week of fun at 4th Letter with a brand new issue of Ultimates 3 to deal with.

If you missed the last issue, um… hm. The recap isn’t for another few pages. Bear with me. Here, just read this stuff about Spider-Man. You kids love Spider-Man, right? I promise, no Mephisto jokes.

Thanks again to ManiacClown for reminding me that most of the readers either don’t watch wrestling or are too young to get a Junkyard Dog/”THUMP!” reference.

Day Two!
Day Three!
Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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8 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day One”

  1. What the hell is Spidey’s webbing doing? Attacking bullets?

  2. It’s more that Hawkeye is shooting Spider-Man’s webbing so he can’t get away.

  3. I’m so glad you’re continuing this.

  4. And Cap hit his team mate with his shield why?

  5. Because he’s extreeeeme! Or possibly because he’s from the 1940s. Or possibly because Leob is a crap writer. You take your pick!

  6. As funny as these recaps are, the sad part is if you read the real text it is actually funnier, in an unintentional kind of way.

    Great stuff.

  7. […] WEEK 2: […]

  8. Waaay late here, but I love love love Spidey’s dialog.