It is a joke, you see

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Oh man! What a great joke from the fourth issue of Gotham Underground! Geordi LaForge is the newest Captain Cold, you see, and he is black, so of course he’s got ironic jokes about a) being black and b) the cold!

If only we could get a vegan black villain! At the Secret Society of Supervillains monthly buffet dinner he can be like “Well, who says all black people like chicken? And who says we don’t like watermelon!? Pile that plate up high! Mmmm-mm! I shol’ do love it! Haha, a little period humor for you, there!”

Ha! Ha! Ha!

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13 comments to “It is a joke, you see”

  1. I didn’t know black folk were averse to the cold, maybe if the next Aquaman were black they could try that joke again.

  2. Oh, man.

    That’d be perfect for Black Manta!

  3. He’s just asking an honest question. The answer is apparently that Scarface says black folk don’t like the cold.

  4. Why is the one guy firing his..Mirror Master?..gun sideways? And is the tattooed guy firing a faux-Weather Wand? Does WW’s weather tech even work for other people? I mean didn’t his brother make it just to work for him?

    Why is a Black Lightning villain using fake Flash villains to take over the Gotham criminals?

    Also WHO says black people don’t like the cold? I think I missed that one in my Stereotypes Whitey Holds meetings…

  5. That’s what I’m saying, as odd as it sounds I think it would be less bad if they used a bigger stereotype. It would still be bad, though. This is like a Mencia-level joke.

    Also, white people don’t like the cold either, no one likes the cold.

  6. Penguins? Penguins like the cold?

  7. I didn’t know the blacks didn’t like the cold. You learn something new everyday.

  8. Are there any other meteorological phenomena that people of certain races may be adverse to? Because if another line crops up like, I don’t know, “who says the Chinese don’t like high humidity?” I’d like to know about it first so I don’t end up committing a major faux pas in public.

  9. Quickly, I must tell the populations of Toronto and Montreal that they have to leave! It’s just too COLD!

  10. Why is he even mentioning it? How can he possible be cold standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a guy so hot he glows orange?

  11. Guys, living in Chicago where it is quite cold, I’ve noticed that we have more than a few african americans living here. They all seem to like it for the most part.

    I really don’t know where that guy is getting his stereotypes from!

  12. I don’t get it.

  13. I think I remember where the writer must have got it, there was a boondocks where the 2 kids were all covered up and a guy in shorts asks them if they’re cold, but that had to do with them moving to the cold, not anything else.