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Mark Millar is talking up his upcoming run on Wolverine over at Newsarama.

NRAMA: Okay, so sketch out Wolverine when we first see him in #66 – who is he? You say he’s broken…how? Body? Spirit? Is he still a scrapper?

MM: He’s not a scrapper anymore. He’s a guy who will see a fight, look sad and walk away. If someone spits in his face, he’ll wipe it away and walk off, even if his kids are walking. But we know what he’s capable. His teenage son thinks he’s a failure, but his wife knows what he can do when the right buttons are pushed and is proud of the fact that he’s turned his back on everything. She also knows exactly what happened to him on the night the heroes fell to the villains. So she’s entirely sympathetic.

NRAMA: Who else will we be seeing in this story?

MM: Only a few Marvel Heroes are still alive and the story mainly focuses on their descendants. There’s a new Kingpin for example and Spiderman’s granddaughter, Spider-bitch, is a favorite but the characters I’m most excited about are the radiation sick sons and grandsons of the Hulk – and inbred, ugly, incestuous team of supervillains with a nod to The Hills Have Eyes.

NRAMA: Eu. Speaking of the Hulk’s kids and descendants…what role do they serve in this new world? Besides the creepy factor…

MM: They’re the ganglords for California. Banner is a bald old man living in the remains of the Playboy mansion and he’s there with his sons and daughters and inbred gandchildren. Beau and Luke Hulk are the two terrifying enforcers giving Logan a huge amount of shit in the first issue. Steve has just knocked these villains out of the park.

Find the good or original idea in those answers.

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  1. So is Spider-bitch black? Or did Millar just misspeak in the interview I read and he means the black costume or something?

  2. I…the…*cries*

  3. What exactly do Marvel’s editors DO all day? It doesn’t seem to involve looking at any comic books…

  4. Admittedly this sounds more appealing than having Wolverine hang out with Cyber and Maverick (with all of them having curiously similar thinlipped horsefaces) but it just goes to show that Wolverine is a character with no gas left in the tank.

  5. So I went to comicbookresources to see if there was another interview where Spider-Bitch (GAG) was referenced as being black or in a black costume, and sure enough:

    “The kind of characters he runs into is like Spider-Man’s granddaughter, who is called Spider-Bitch and she is this black Spidey-Girl type of person that runs around in Utah.”


    Also, more generally, can we just have a moratorium on “Dark Knight Returns for ____ character” stories? It was published TWENTY TWO YEARS AGO, guys. No more rehashes, okay? Pretty please?

  6. I’d like to see a comic about Wolverine, Cyber and Maverick hanging out. They could go bowling. If they got one more they could form a League…

  7. That’d be the mini’s running gag. Each issue they try out a new fourth bowler. Deadpool can’t pay attention, Fantomex thinks it’s beneath him, Wild Child is lured to Sabretooth’s rival League…

  8. …really?

    I honestly don’t mind testoserone-laden fight comics (See: Nextwave, and how it owns my heart) but when Millar does them, they’re just so nasty and cynical and hateful.

    And it’ll sell truckloads, and we’ll have to sit through the same story next year but with Cable in the driver’s seat.

    PS: Super villains running rival dynastic houses/territories? Didn’t Alan Moore run that pitch past DC back in the 80s?

    PPS: Speaking of Cable, he’d be a good candidate for the bowling team, except he’d keep on blasting the pins in frustration.

  9. Someone contact Marvel and pitch them Wolverine: BOWLING WARS stat!

  10. Mark Millar has never had a good idea that he didn’t steal from Grant Morrison, Alan Moore or Frank Miller first.

    Spider-Bitch? Seriously? Isn’t that pretty much the same crap that got Imus in trouble?

    This whole thing sounds tired. It may have been interesting in ’99, but now, it’s just played out.

  11. “and inbred, ugly, incestuous team of supervillains with a nod to The Hills Have Eyes.”

    again with the incest? In ultimates he had wanda and pietro-yechh, i can’t even type it. Ewww. But on the bright side, unlike his horrendous Civil war series, this thing won’t effect any ongoing series and ruin characters for me as CW did with Iron Man and Reed Richards.

  12. RE: “Isn’t that pretty much the same crap that got Imus in trouble?”

    The Amazing Nappy Headed Spider-Ho?