New Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Six

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Previously on New Ultimate Edit, the Ultimates regrouped after being made to look like buffoons by some monster army from another world. Carol talked to Clint, Tony talked to Carol and Clint and Clint talked to Steve. That’s enough of a breather for them to raid every gun closet in the Triskelion so they can teach those trolls the American definition of “counter-attack”.

I’m sorry, but that song is the king of improving excessively ridiculous action sequences. This guy knows the score.

Tomorrow, we take it home and another character kicks the bucket. Only two major characters dying in a Loeb Ultimate comic? He’s starting to lose his touch.

Oh, and thanks to ManiacClown. I made Shake-n-Bake and he helped.

Day Seven!

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5 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Six”

  1. I thought the American definition of counter-attack would be “carpet bombing back to the stone age”?

  2. Did Iron Man throw a tank at a dragon?! That’s probably the most awesome thing ever!

  3. “Try again, kid” made me laugh out loud.

  4. Teen Girl Squad reference pour la victoire!


  5. As always, any problem is solvable…WITH ARROWS.