Black History Month 02: Fall Back or Fall Down

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ali01.jpg ali02.jpg
from dc comics’s superman vs muhammad ali, art by neal adams
When I was a kid, black heroes sucked. Bishop was a wack jheri-curl having dude, Black Panther was an Avenger, Rhodey wasn’t really about anything, and Night Thrasher had a skateboard. Where else do you look? Real life.

Muhammad Ali is the first black superhero. He has the dope name and the physical skills to prove it. He had a punch that could sit you down, one that would lay you out, and another that would wake you up right before it sat you down again. He taught a couple generations of kids how to swagger talk.

He was, is, and forever will be the greatest that ever did it.

As long as I have Ali, I don’t need Superman.

Ali was also down with my other favorite hero, Malcolm X. More on him later, of course.


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3 comments to “Black History Month 02: Fall Back or Fall Down”

  1. It was a loooong time before I knew what Ali went through and what he represented. Heck, I probably still don’t know the whole story.

    I also remember when that comic was advertised. I wanted it, but never got to read it.

  2. The telling bit to me, is: When Superman wants to box better, he boxes like Ali. I never read the issue, but I do remember wanting Ali to beat Supes’ ass *so bad.*

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