Ruining the Moment: Volume 5

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Yep. It’s time for another edition of Ruin the Moment, distracting you as I work on the next Professor Marc article.

This is based on Tim Drake receiving the call that Bart Allen has been killed needlessly because DC wrote themselves into a corner.

Batman’s son has quite the future ahead of him.

A group of Batman knockoffs get together and one of them is a murderer. But who could it be?!

Batman forgiving Nightwing for his past mistakes altered into something a bit more sinister.

I swear this one was funnier two years ago when the joke was fresh.

Superboy and Wonder Girl finally get down to business…

This one’s by hermanos, making an obscure Space Ghost: Coast to Coast reference. Any change is an improvement when it comes to Amazon Attacks.

I am not above making Space Ghost references either. From the end of Avengers #1.

In Earth X, Wolverine verbally abused Jean enough. Now he’s in for a shocker.

A tribute to Jay Pinkerton.

Booster Gold sucks at maintaining the time-space continuum.

The quality isn’t so great, but that’s because I was fiddling around with Paint Shop Pro for the first time. I changed the dialogue first, but Fuego Fish added the rest. For that I am truly grateful. This comes from the immortal Doom comic. Rip and tear!

From Ralph Dibny’s mental breakdown in 52. Come on, man! This prank is just uncalled for!

And finally, here’s me being topical.

I posted this at Batman’s Shameful Secret and fellow poster Satch had this to say several days later:

“Fun tidbit: I work at a news/talk radio station, and I print things like this out and stick them to the walls in the main air studio (another recent printout from BSS was that T-man comic where a dude threw a pig at a muslim. ahh laughs). The day after I tacked up Thor TASEing Iron Man, I came in to find the studio wall bare.

”Not only had someone taken it down, but I found torn-up pieces in the trash. Clearly I must print more!”

I’m flattered twice over here. That’s so awesome.

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One comment to “Ruining the Moment: Volume 5”

  1. That “don’t tase me” bit is priceless.