This Week in Panels: Week 20

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Well, it’s Sunday night and we’re ready to strike!
Our special forces are in for a fight!
With heroes in the air and zombies on the ground!
This Week in Panels is takin’ over the town!
We gotta get ready! We gotta get right!
There’s gonna be some comic art at 4th Letter tonight!

So get ready…
I MEAN, get ready…

This week I’m going against my rule of never using a final, or even last-page, panel for this. Why? Because that Deadpool Team-Up panel completely sums up the entirety of that issue and why Stuart Moore wrote it in the first place.

Batman Confidential #41
Sam Kieth

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #3
Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott

The Boys #39
Garth Ennis, John McCrea and Keith Burns

Criminal: The Sinners #4
Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Deadpool Team-Up #896
Stuart Moore and Shawn Crystal

Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire #6
Jason Aaron and Roland Boschi

Invincible Iron Man #23
Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca

President Evil #4
David Hutchison

The Question #37
Dennis O’Neil, Greg Rucka and Denys Cowan

Siege #2
Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel

Siege Embedded #2
Brian Reed and Chris Samnee

Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without a Face #3
David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky and Carmine Di Giandomenico

Ultimate X #1
Jeph Loeb and Arthur Adams

X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain #3
Fred Van Lente and Dennis Calero

I’ve been asked about Ultimate X (even though that panel is hermanos’ offering). Honestly, I don’t think it’s bad. Not especially great, but there’s zero reason in there for me to go “FUCKING LOEB!” just because his name is on it. Similarly, ManiacClown and I will give New Ultimates a fair shake before deciding whether or not we should give it the business.

Though while Ultimate X wasn’t awful, President Evil most certainly was. God, what was I thinking? Stay away from it at all costs.

To show I’m not entirely discouraged this week, Ghost Riders: Heavens on Fire was completely awesome and a perfect ending to what has to be the best Ghost Rider run of all time. Stab anyone who tells you different.

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2 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 20”

  1. I probably enjoyed the last 3-4 panels of Siege #2 the most, if only for the promise of what’s coming next issue, and the running “incoming” gag. Any single panel from the Sentry/Ares fight would have fit in the column perfectly, I think. Love Coipel’s work in general, Avenger-centric stuff in particular. “The” panel from it would have been a bit too spoilery, though, I’m sure. Building up to the end of the fight, I kept hoping we wouldn’t get the obvious ending since the loser is one of my favorite new characters from the last couple years.

    Good setup issue for the Boys, but is it just me that finds it ridiculous that Hughie wouldn’t have seen a single piece of intelligence or just plain turned on the TV and seen Annie in the Seven at some point in the past year or however long it’s been since he’s joined up with Butcher and co.?

    Have the Marvel Noir books been any good? I find the idea of an Iron Man one a little hard to accept, but can’t really tell how good the others are from previews online.

  2. Yeah agree completely on Ult. X, no real strong feelings either way. Though that one bit with the claws was pure BS.

    also what did Bros himself say about it?

    and HELL YES on Ghost Rider. that scene where they all gang together, classic.

    @Lou: ah yeah I know what you’re talking about. First few pages of Siege #3 are going to be cool.

    when it comes to Iron Man Noir I just imagine the Rocketeer.