This Week in Panels: Week 175

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Hey. I’m helped out this week by Gaijin Dan, Was Taters and Space Jawa. No Jody this week. He’s too busy digesting the Cookie Puss we devoured while watching tonight’s Royal Rumble.

Wade Barrett was robbed, by the way.

Sweet week of comics. I mean, just check out this Avengers panel. Also, there’s a new series included called One-Punch Man and it strangely doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Guy Gardner.

Avengers #3
Jonathan Hickman and Jerome Opena

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #6
Darwyn Cooke

Bleach #523
Tite Kubo

Cross Manage #17

Deadpool #4
Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore

Green Lantern #16
Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke

Green Lantern Corps #16
Peter J. Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin

Green Lantern: New Guardians #16
Tony Bedard and Aaron Kuder

Mars Attacks the Transformers
Shane McCarthy and Matt Frank

Naruto #616
Masashi Kishimoto

Nisekoi #58
Naoshi Komi

One Piece #695
Eiichiro Oda

One-Punch Man #1
ONE and Yusuke Murata

Stumptown #5
Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth

Supergirl #16 (Taters’ pick)
Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar

Supergirl #16 (Gavin’s pick)
Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret History of the Foot Clan #2
Mateus Santolouco and Erik Burnham

Toriko #218
Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

Winter Soldier #14 (Taters’ pick)
Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice

Winter Soldier #14 (Gavin’s pick)
Ed Brubaker and Butch Guice

Wonder Woman #16 (Taters’ pick)
Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang

Wonder Woman #16 (Gavin’s pick)
Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang

Young Avengers #1 (Taters’ pick)
Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Young Avengers #1 (Gavin’s pick)
Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

Ah, Young Avengers. It’s so refreshing to see a Young Avengers comic that 1) isn’t terrible and 2) is allowed to have stuff happen. That hasn’t happened since the second arc of the first run.

If you’re morally negligent like me, Minutemen was really good. If DC just released that one without all the other minis, not as many people would mind. A lot of people would still mind, but it wouldn’t come off as the blatant cash grab project that it is.

Is this H’el bullshit in the Superman books almost done with? Because it’s really tiresome.

And now, the long-lost Dexter’s Lab episode, Rude Removal.

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7 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 175”

  1. Man, where was THIS Shane McCarthy when All Hail Megatron was being written?

  2. I picked up the first issue of Deadpool and was pretty disappointed. “Oh, it’s one of THOSE Deadpool comics,” I remember thinking. You know, the ones that are wacky or edgy or *shudder* zany.

    And after Reminder’s Deadpool in X-Force, I really only want what I arrogantly refer to as The Thinking-Man’s Deadpool. The Deadpool that’s self-aware, not COMPLETELY crazy, trying to be better person, etc. The Deadpool that fits in the Marvel universe without have to introduce an entire framework of lunacy to make him work.

    But the panel above makes it look like the new series has some level of self-awareness. Is it better than I gave it credit for?

  3. Very surprised to see Mars Attacks The Transformers get picked, but I haven’t seen hide nor hair of More Than Meets The Eye, Robots in Disguise, or the recent Spotlights here at 4thletter. Mars Attacks is certainly silly, but MTMTE is silly, jam-packed with thrills, and has some of the more horrifying things I’ve seen in a comic. Robots in Disguise has some humor, but it’s basically Transformers does Deadwood, which is high praise. Both ongoings are great, both are better written and more than occasionally better drawn than the majority of mainstream superhero comics.

  4. DC Comics: Forgiving My Dad . . . Forgiving Myself

  5. Sorry. Got home can completely forgot. The only panel I regret not sending though is the FF panel with she hulk and the moloids. Mike Allred and david Aja are blowing my marvel mind right now.

  6. @Derek

    This first arc seems overall intended to hook new readers, it’s mostly silly fun but there are moments in both this issue and last that show that this Deadpool has some level of self-awareness.

  7. Brian Posehn is the best writer on Deadpool in a long while, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.