Each One Teach One (Help A Brothers Out)

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I’m working on a thing, but I think I need a little help. I’m researching this on my own, but maybe you can help me out.

I’m working on a list of 1) black writers 2) who have done work on the Big Two’s superhero comics 3) and contributed more than one issue to that universe. These constraints are important, I think. Cape comics are mainstream comics, the big leagues in a way, and the writer tends to be, if not the captain of the ship, the person who decides the destination.

I’ve got a spreadsheet here. It’s read-only now, but if you know of more black writers who fit the criteria, leave a comment below and I’ll add them in. Who am I missing? Is this everyone?

I’m not sure where I’m going to go with this info, not yet. But I know that I want to go somewhere, and at the moment, I’m feeling the bullet more than the ballot. Thanks for helping, if you can. Thanks for reading if you can’t.

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17 comments to “Each One Teach One (Help A Brothers Out)”

  1. Doselle Young?

  2. Priest? On BP?

  3. Sam Humphries. http://comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=26699

  4. Olivier Coipel

  5. Alfred Bester (yes, that Alfred Bester)– [i]Green Lantern[/i] (actually created the oath)

    Ron Wilson– [i]Marvel Comics Presents[/i]

  6. Billy Graham on Luke Cage, Hero for Hire (technically credited as “co-writer”, but he did script a few issues from his and Steve Englehart’s plots)

  7. Keith Pollard did some writing. http://comicbookdb.com/creator.php?ID=358

    It’s interesting that the vast majority of black people that have worked on Big 2 superhero comics are artists.

  8. Dexter Vines, Denys Cowan

    And although I don’t think he’s worked for the big two, I have to shout out to Jon Gray.

  9. I was wrong on Alfred Bester. He’s a white guy. It was Samuel Delany I was thinking of, and he wrote two issues of Wonder Woman. I’m a dummy.

  10. Brandon Thomas, of Miranda Mercury semi-fame, did some writing work for Marvel, including a Shatterstar and Thing mini-series.

  11. Keep in mind guys that David specifically asked for writers, not artists. Dexter Vines and Denys Cowan, for example, have never written anything for the Big 2.

    @Fanboy Stranger: Samuel Delany’s Wonder Woman issues are particularly insane, because they are about 60s Kung Fu Diana Prince teleporting to Fritz Leiber’s fantasy world Nehwon and encountering his characters Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. Also Catwoman is in it.

  12. #8 and #13 are the same person.

  13. @Toby: I’m caucasian.

    Wish I could think of someone to add to this list…

  14. @Kit: What? Mark Bright and Chris Priest aren’t the same person. Are you thinking of the fact that Priest used to be named Jim Owsley?

  15. erm, yes, oops – I was eliding Bright working with both Owsley & Priest, apparently.

  16. Here’s a couple I thought of; mostly artists who chipped in on writing sometimes.
    1. Brian Stelfreeze: mostly known as an artist, but co-wrote DOMINO and MATADOR for Marvel and DC, and wrote some anthology shorts he drew.
    2. Keith Pollard did a little writing, didn’t he?
    3. Ron Wilson
    4. Robert Morales (loved his CAPTAIN AMERICA run)
    5. Mat Johnson
    6. Kyle Baker

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