Pretty Girls Interlude: Babes With Big Bazookas

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I’d intended to have a Pretty Girls ready for today, but NYCC caught up to me last night and I passed out pretty much as soon as I got home from work. But whatever, there’s no shortage of good art online, so I can flip the script this week and present you with this: Babes With Big Bazookas, written by Robbie Morrison, drawn by Frank Quitely, and posted by Joe Bloke at Grantbridge Street.

It’s from Judge Dredd Megazine vol 3 #26, and if anybody reading this knows word one about British comics, leave a comment or email me with some info on where I can buy a collected edition because I need this.

Any readers feel like schooling me on British comics? I know a little, but not enough, and I want to know more.

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7 comments to “Pretty Girls Interlude: Babes With Big Bazookas”

  1. That is in the Shimura TPB: http://www.2000adonline.com/books/shimura.php

    I think DC published it during the brief period of time they had the North American reprint rights for 2000 AD books, so you might be able to get it at a well-stocked comic book store; but it is currently out of print.

    I picked it up at a con Frank Quitely was at in Toronto a few years ago, and then didn’t get it signed because I’m a dumbass who left it in my bag when I got my Earth-2 HC signed. It’s pretty good, but there isn’t actually much Quitely in there. Although now I will have to reread it for my own personal edification.

  2. Oh, but it’s dirt cheap on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Shimura-Robbie-Morrison/dp/1401203973/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1287175002&sr=8-2

  3. @Mark Cook: I called my local comics dude and he’s got the TPB coming my way next week! Thanks.

  4. oh man, you discovered one of the stories in Shimura? classy stuff, that.

    Anyway, british comics. You’ve probably heard we have Clint, and can safely assume that we read Marvel comics and DC stuff through reprints and comic shops, but as for stuff we actually have that’s original 2000AD is kinda the only port of call.

    We get it in two different things: the 2000ad Progs, weekly magazines full of short stories by various comic creators (it used to have a 5 page breakthrough writer dealio known as Tharg’s future shocks that was the main port of call for Brit writers but that appears to be gone now). They’re usually set in the Judge Dredd universe, but the only real defining trait is a main theme of gritty sci-fi material. they’re not full length stories but more often than not they continue week to week for AAAAAAAAAAAGES.

    Anyway, the other 2000AD thing we get is the Judge Dredd MEGAZINE, a sizeable monthly magazine with bigger stories in it and a packed with floppy collected edition. This stuff is all much more into the world of Dredd, has large articles and interviews, movie reviews and such. funnily enough just a few months back the main character of the story you have an image of (Judge Inaba) is back in the Megazine, sadly sans Quitely.

    There’s not much else to say about the british comics scene. We have a decent small press like just about any other country and decent enough cons.

    … So yeah… that’s all I’ve got. Also yes, you NEED the Shimura tpb. It’s got some of my fave 2000AD stories in it, and explains how the world of Judges and justive and stuff work in Japan.

    Hopefully any of what I just said made sense and helped you know things

  5. Man, a Frank Quitely comic with backgrounds. Hard to believe at one point those existed.

  6. Frank Quietly also did a series called Missionary Man for the Megazine which was pretty cool.

  7. Emma Frost!