New York Comic-Con State of Mind

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So, 4l is hitting up New York Comic-con and we’re gonna do it big. Our FBB connects are gonna be there. We’re a bunch of black republicans, man. Straight up young money types, holla at us. We’re walking around like we got chest colds, we got so much ice around our necks. A bunch of young dudes with bad upbringings and worse intentions.

But, you know, F-Unit wants to meet up with a bunch of people at NYCC. Cheryl Lynn is gonna catch up with us for sure. That puts basically the entire black comics blogohedron at New York Con, so if you want to put us out of commission… learn to run if you’re shook, son.

Just for future reference, I’m on the right and Pedro Tejeda is on the left:

We had a photo shoot last week, so they put that up for us.

Who else wants to meet up? Hit me with comments here and we’ll see what’s up. ’cause, honestly, we’re trying to do one thing during NYCC:

except i’ve been stuck in SFO this morning after not sleeping last night and my plane is straight up leaving when it was supposed to land in NYC so i am super pissed and i will leave you with a buck 50, kid

(actual content coming later. my buddy Matt Silady was nominated for an Eisner and I want to talk about that!)

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