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The 4l crew (myself, Gavin, and Wilde) are hitting the NY Comic-con this weekend. If you want to meet up, send your info to 4thletter@gmail.com!

I get in Thursday afternoon, with the other two arriving Thursday evening. We’ll see how this goes, hey?

Anyway, I figured that I want to get a few trades signed while I’m there. Here’s what I’m packing and who I want to sign it.

Annihilation Vol 1 HC – Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Keith Giffen
Seven Soldiers Vol 1-4 – Everyone
Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill – Oeming
Thor Visionaries Vol 1: Walt Simonson
Wildcats 3.0 vol 1 – Dustin Nguyen
Echo: Vision Quest – David Mack
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies – Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines

I’m also taking my DS and a few novels for the trip. The Death And Life Of Superman by Roger Stern (I wonder if I can get that signed?), Green Lantern Sleeper Book One by Christopher Priest, Black Girl Lost by Donald Goines (not comics), No Dominion by Charlie Huston (not comics), and maybe one or two others. I do not know yet!

We shall see how this goes. Blogging may be light, depending on internet access.

Is there anything that we absolutely have to hit? This is my first con, so I kind of want to see all the cool stuff I can. I think we’re meeting up with some goons, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll make the PopCultureShock party on Saturday night. I want to pack my schedule and hang out with cool cats.

Anyone else attending?

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4 comments to “Comic-con Stuff”

  1. Last year, it took a long time and a few laps to really cover the floor thoroughly, and this year it’s twice as much space so wear some comfortable shoes and pack a few snacks because the Javits Center isn’t close to anything and the food on location is way overpriced.

    Getting in and out of panels and back to the convention floor was a hassle, too, which might be solved this year, but I would eyeball the schedule and and map out the rooms ahead of time, especially if you’re planning to attend any of the popular Big Two stuff. If you’re planning to hit the World War Hulk panel, get to the Javits early because most people were still on line last year when the equivalent session started @ 4pm.

    I’ll be floating around the Con throughout the weekend, checking out some panels and stopping in at the PopCultureShock table @ Midtown Comics’ booth now and then. I’ll email you my contact info if you want to get in touch.

  2. I just got back from MegaCON, recently, and am seriously considering not going anymore. Let me know how you feel about NYCc.

    I might actually consider trekking up there, one year.

    As far as tips are concerned, bring bottled water, trial-sized deodorant, and a snack. I dunno your budget but that’ll save you some money, walking, and waiting in line – not to mention keeping fresh.

    Speaking of “fresh,” I recommend bringing something that smells good and that you wouldn’t mind putting around your nose area to mask the funk of our geek brethren.

    I like to refer to it as “confunkshun.” In fact, I think I’ll post about it some time soon.

  3. I’ll be at NYCC, and I would have suggested the “Comics Blogging” panel as a good place to meet…buuuuuut it appears to be scheduled for 2:30 PM Friday…ninety minutes before general admission opens, so the only folks who could get in would be exhibitors, press, and industry types. Not so many of the actual bloggers. Was this an accident or did they do it on purpose, I wonder?

  4. Two thirds of 4l are press 🙂