New York Comic-con: Day 1

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4l is coming to you live and direct from the New Yorker Ramada in Manhattan.

Yesterday was the first day of the con and we’re about to head out again. Loot reports will have to wait, though!

I met Geoff Klock and spent a good bit of time talking with him about Morrison, Morrison on Batman, Frank Miller on Batman, and why DKSA is a good book! It’s nice to know I’m not hte only one who digs it and ASBARtBW. He was an extremely cool guy and it was neat to pick his brain.

I also got to meet Johanna Draper Carlson, who is a blogging hero of sorts for me. She was extraordinarily gracious while I babbled at her, and the blogging panel on Friday was pretty sweet. Heidi Mac was cool, too, and I missed a chance to meet Chris Butcher.

In other news! From left to right, David Mack and David Brothers; Gavok, the love of his life, and some random lady who hopped in the picture (kidding) (not really); an Echo print I bought from Mack (as well as completing my Kabuki collection); and the bloggers panel. L-R is Heidi Mac, Chris Butcher, Ron Hogan, and Johanna Draper Carlson.

More to come! I’m off to get more stuff.

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3 comments to “New York Comic-con: Day 1”

  1. I’m sorry I missed spotting you at the Comics Blogging panel! If I’d seen a photo of you beforehand it might have been possible. But even after I knew what you looked like, finding anyone deliberately in the crowds that followed was nearly impossible. That you managed to meet Geoff Klock under those conditions impresses the hell out of me.

  2. Wow, I completely spaced on posting a picture before the con. That would’ve been a great idea.

    I hooked up with Geoff after the panel and while I was talking to Johanna. Geoff, Gavin, and I attended the awful World War Hulk panel and just talked for a while. It was neat.

  3. Hey, my photo doesn’t even look like me, so I didn’t bother.

    (Actually, no photo ever looks like me. The one on my passport looks like an Arab while the one on my driver’s license looks like Mark Waid. Consider the gap between these two and you’ll see my dilemma.)