I’m not even reading the Lantern Saga

January 28th, 2010 by | Tags: , ,

But I love this page with my whole heart.

Yeah!  Screw you for being a baby!

(The ‘baBUM’ in the corner of the middle panel is a nice touch.  You know something fantastic is coming.)

I also like Lex Luthor on the Orange Ring.  It’s so rare that you get to see him have fun.  I knew all this time he just went after Superman because of meta-envy.

Still not reading the saga, though.

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12 comments to “I’m not even reading the Lantern Saga”

  1. If you are reading Atrocitus and you’re not hearing Morbo from Futurama’s voice, you’re doing it wrong.

  2. Johns’ Green Lantern catches a lot of flak, but it’s really the comic equivalent of Crank 2. It’s incredibly stupid, and there’s really no way to form an real rational defense for it, but it’s just great. Some great visuals from Mahnke certainly aren’t hurting either.

  3. Have they used the Red Lantern kitty cat again? I want more of cat’s that vomit rage-blood and are adorable…

  4. “cats” not “cat’s”

  5. That middle panel is still my favorite line of the week.

    Lex Luthor giving the ultimate smug-face in a duel of pure avarice easily second place. “No. S’mine.”

  6. I YEUH’d a bit at that, too.

  7. Happy Lex is always great. I remember seeing him laugh joyously while rampaging around in a giant robot during some Justice League episode and my heart just swelled with affection for the guy.

  8. @Gavok: I’m sorry, please don’t kill me

    @Debaser: seriously, his work on BN is hands down some of Mahnke’s best work ever. That spread with BL Spectre was beautiful in a mahnke way.

  9. @Gavok: “Atrocitus is pleased but sticky.” Sounds about right.

  10. this is why I gave up on comics.

  11. Needs moar Dex-Star.