Promise you’ll be merry!

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I think that, over the last few years, I’ve had the same emotional journey with Oliver Queen as most of his love interests did.  It added a little meta to the experience of reading.  I went from being charmed, to really enjoying the fun, to wishing he hadn’t just done that, to wondering why he kept doing that, and finally it came time to toss his ring on the floor and stride out.

I was pretty much done with the book, despite remarking to David that the funny, magical forest in the middle and Green Arrow as a direct Robin Hood metaphor was right up my alley until I saw the last page of Green Arrow #1.

On the last page was a sillhouetted troop of people behind Ollie and the big headline, “Who will be his merry men?”

Well played, Krul.  Well played.  I’ve been complaining to everyone who would listen, and several people who wouldn’t if they had been given a choice, that if Ollie was going to be an actual Robin Hood, then he should have some Merry Men.  First issue in, and the Merry Men are a teaser at the end.  I pretty much have to pay attention to the series now.

So let me set up the next round of hope.  Given that one of the sillhouettes had comic book curves, I doubt very much that the Merry Men will live up to the last part of their names.  And that’s good.  I hope, though, that they’ll conform to the first part.  I’d enjoy a bunch of idiots out in an enchanted forest, getting drunk and fighting injustice.  I’d enjoy them carousing and laughing and rolling their eyes when Ollie gives rambling lefty political speeches.  A little fun in the forest could go a long way to dispelling the palpable gloom that has hovered over the series for the past few years.  Come on gents, go into comic relief mode!  We need it!

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5 comments to “Promise you’ll be merry!”

  1. That’d have to be some masterful comedic scripting and characterization. I’m open to the possibility.

  2. Wishful thinking: Little John played by Volstagg with the numbers filed off

  3. Who would you want as GA’s Merry Men out of the DCU? Extra points for characters that aren’t traditionally GA-related heroes (like Roy or Black Canary).

  4. G’Nort, Mal and Karen Duncan, Vartox (with a limitation on his power a la Hourman), Oom Boom (new character from Belgium with the ability to manipulate wood and blather about power and responsibility being two sides of the same coin, because ripping off the competition is kewl) and Gypsy. Why yes, I do have problems with remembering to take my medication, thanks for asking. :crossarms:

  5. @Evil Abraham Lincoln: Impressive.