Can’t Afford an iPad? Buy Afrodisiac!

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The Apple iPad is out, as you can see on this post here from Engadget. It’s five hundred bucks for the lower end version, which has 16 gigs of space and supports only WiFi. It looks a lot like a giant, novelty iPhone, but hey- it’s new. Check out apple.com/ipad if you want to order one- the WiFi revs ship in late March, 3G in April.

On the other hand, if you’ve got the money laying around for an iPad… you should be copping Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca’s Afrodisiac. You can read my review on it here, if you’re unfamiliar with the work. The official site has an extended PDF preview and trailer, too.

It hits comics stores today. If your local shop doesn’t have it (we’re going to assume that you go to one of those shops who orders good books like this, and that they simply ran out before you made it in), you can order Afrodisiac from Amazon, where it’ll run you about ten bucks. Amazon’s site says that it’ll be in stock on 02/01, but there’s probably a chance it’ll ship late this week.

Really, get this book.

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3 comments to “Can’t Afford an iPad? Buy Afrodisiac!”

  1. Ordered it from Amazon last week, now I’m just waiting. Not that I’d spend my money on a piece of Apple gimrackery…

  2. Mine was shipped this morning.
    Ordered it through the link, but I had already put it in my cart earlier, then cleared the cart and went through the link. Not sure if that changes anything.

  3. @pjs: Honestly, if it doesn’t work, it’s no big deal. It’s a nice bonus for us, but I’ve got a job that can easily pay for the site. Hope you enjoy the book, though!