Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Three

February 24th, 2008 by | Tags: , , , , ,

And… we’re back. Lots of wacky stuff in the last installment. Wolverine fought Hawkeye for little reason and the team bickered for a while. Now Wolverine is about to explain his part in the whole Scarlet Witch conspiracy.

Why, oh why, did MAD! feel the need to leave space to show us Wolverine’s shadowy, hairy ass?

Me and ManiacClown will be back tomorrow with another three pages of flashback. On the upside, Wolverine will have pants on.

Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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8 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Three”

  1. shouldn’t he have bone claws?

  2. They ARE bone! he just carves them into knife-like shapes to uhhhhh cut better.

    Raging storm was great, too.

  3. Don’t let this comic fool you, Rochester is actually much worse in the winter.

  4. Hurm. I thought it was a Raging Demon Combo. Wolverine does have a bullshit strong healing factor, so he could come back from having his soul ripped out and sent hell.

  5. You’re getting your fighting game moves mixed up. Raging Storm is what Geese Howard does in Fatal Fury/King of Fighters.

  6. GOD. ROTFLMAO at “sex in a fire” followed by “breasts filled with hydrogen:. DYING.

  7. “that’s what she liked about it”

    LOL, damn guys, you’re killing me here

  8. Rochester represent! Someday, global warming will catch up with us.