Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Four

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And we’re back. In yesterday’s installment, Quicksilver showed up to show off Scarlet Witch’s dead body, vikings had sex and something exploded. Sounds like a full day. Now we see what Iron Man’s up to. Fun fact: Tony Stark makes you feel he’s a cool exec with a heart of steel. And if you’re a woman, Tony Stark makes you feel other things.

Thanks to ManiacClown by having me take the high road with masturbation jokes. See you tomorrow.

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4 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Four”

  1. It’s brilliant! I give it 5 symbiotes or maybe 13 antiheroes.

  2. Man, i didm’t even realise that was Mystique until i read the edit. They really need to put in panels between events. It’s like they’re skipping every fourth frame. Also, “Bang List” is genius, I don’t doubt Stark has one, either.

  3. BANG LIST is just awesome, loving the edit so far!

  4. Just like Mack, didn’t touch it was Mystiqe, untile i read this…;P Realy i tought it’s 616 blondy Black Widow in Ultimate style 😛