Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Five

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Me and ManiacClown are back for another go. Last time, Tony Stark was really drunk (surprise) and Mystique tried to kill him by pretending to be Black Widow. What a stupid, stupid plan. The more I think of that plan, the worse it is. Of all the people to be, why a dead traitor who last tried to kill the guy you’re trying to seduce? At least if she was Captain America or a pizza delivery man, she’d have an outside chance of fooling someone who wasn’t drunk. At least that scene gave us Iron Man’s “sober enough” panel, which I admittedly thought was kind of cool. Now on with the show.

Join us tomorrow, as Captain America learns it’s time to play the Game.

Day Six!
Day Seven!

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3 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Five”

  1. Hey, didn’t i smash yo face in with a Bollinger bottle and then my friend shot you in the face with a compound bow? After you broke my heart and sold out my country? No? Ok, Let’s bang.

  2. “TV’s Louie Anderson” got me going pretty bad. Excellent work.

  3. “Oh no, debris!” Tee hee…