New Ultimate Edit Week 1: Day Seven

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The penultimate pages showed Carol Danvers and Tony Stark getting all shouty and arguey. Then Shanna the She-Devil, Ka-Zar, some tigers and the mute Black Panther who isn’t Captain America in disguise this time hang out in Central Park. Things suddenly get cold. What could this mean?

That’s all for this week. ManiacClown would strangle me if I didn’t at least feature the Farmville SHIELD image he made for a throwaway gag. Really, the guy would just give me updates about stuff I don’t understand. Never played Farmville and never plan to. Here you go.

Stay tuned for this Wednesday as my 12-day Wrestlemania Countdown begins, tough guy!

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3 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 1: Day Seven”

  1. I just gotta say that I usually love when you Jeph Loeb bash because he is the worst writer in comics right now. But your Tony Stark inner monologue for this parody is just not funny. The major problem is that his thoughts, especially in this edition, is about 10 times better than what Jeph Loeb actually wrote. I wish that what you had here was actually in the comic. Maybe then it would have been some what well written. Your point about why he doesn’t build a robot and control it remotely is a very good point that I didn’t think about before. Congratulations, in your parody you have written more thought provoking inner monologue than what was actually written.

  2. I agree, what the monologue lacks in outright comedy, it makes up for in being decent writing that actually sounds like the Ultimate Iron Man I know and love. I don’t want Tony being insightful and introspective, with a tortured past; that’s what the normal Tony is for. I want Ultimate Tony as the Robert Downey Jr./Mark Miller liquor swilling womanizer, with a touch of Warren Ellis self-aggrandizing and super-intelligence.

    Also, I just noticed that the troll in the center of the two-page spread there has knucle-bands; Ultimate Ulik! I love the art for Jeph Loeb books, I just usually wish they weren’t attached to Jeph Loeb books =/

  3. One more to agree with the monologue, not being all that funny, but still better then the original. I do love the last line, “Chicks dig it when you save the world.”