Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Six

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As we last left our heroes, Wolverine finally shut the hell up and Wasp came up with a plan. They would try to sneak into the Savage Land to surprise a bunch of villains who have every reason to expect them coming. Brilliant.

Admittedly, not too many jokes this time around. For once, we’re actually getting plot progression here. Shocking, I know.

If that first page offended you, send all your hatemail to ManiacClown. Not that I’m going to give you his email, since I’ve grown to like the guy.

Tomorrow is the last three pages with a yawn-inducing cliffhanger. See you then.

Day Seven!

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6 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Six”

  1. The sad thing is at this point I’m thinking like Loeb and guessing that Black Panther is Hank Pym because WHOOAAAAA THEY’LL NEVER EXPECT THAT WHAT A TWIST.

    (you know, the same way that the gilda dent twist in the ending to long halloween is only a surprise if you’ve never read Presumed Innocent.)

  2. The muddy inking on the first page makes Wasp’s exposed skin look like yellow spandex, which unintentionally makes her live up to her name.

  3. So wait, Jan has black hair again? Did someone tell the colorist mid-issue that he’s been fucking it up or something?

  4. I think it’d be cool if it was Fury, and he was back because he rigged up a deal with that smart guy from the Squadron Supreme universe. I guess it wouldn’t explain why Cap’d have his back (though I thought Cap selling Fury out like he did in Ultimate Power was a little out of nowhere). And it’s Loeb.

    Everyone and their dog’s probably said so, but Ultimate Human’s doing way better than this series. I like the art, but I think it’s kind of misplaced here after Hitch’s style. The way they did Ultimates Annual #2 would’ve been good if they wanted a more comic books aethetic.

  5. Cancelling Cable & Deadpool was a mercy killing.

  6. Says you, good sir. Says you.