Ultimatum Edit Week 5: Day Three

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Last time on Ultimatum Edit, Wolverine stabbed Magneto so Magneto killed Wolverine so Wolverine stabbed Magneto so Magneto killed Wolverine. It was a pretty full day, to tell the truth. But what are the strong guys up to?

ManiacClown wanted to make a bunch of Warhammer 4000 jokes involving Mystique’s gun and Colossus looking like one of those soldier guys, but come on. This project can only be made up of references I get. To hell with him.

We’ll continue with Fury tomorrow. See you then.

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4 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 5: Day Three”

  1. So, send the two guys who COULD beat up Magneto to destroy some stuff, but send the metal brigade to kill Magneto. Then use fire to burn the fireproof guys while you use metal to kill Magneto. SCIENCE!

  2. Seriously, I know it’s cliche at this point, but if not for human sympathy Loeb would be getting the same jobs as Bruce Jones at this point.

  3. I was hoping for an explanation for Sabretooth’s hanglider 🙁

  4. @Matt: It’s probably got about as much explanation behind it as the one in Cave Dwellers did, not to mention the dynamite Ator was somehow carrying on it.