Ultimatum Edit Week 5: Day Seven

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Here it is. Part 35. The final chapter.

Previously, Magneto threw a big hissy fit and killed a bunch of the world. Then the heroes took their sweet-ass time to get to Avalon to stop him. Only they sent a bunch of metal-using heroes to go after Magneto with no strategy of what to do against him other than “let Wolverine do it”. Thanks to Nick Fury showing him THE TRUTH, Magneto gave up and Cyclops blew his head off in response. Then Cyclops’ head blew up. Then Dr. Doom’s head blew up.

But who did kill Cyclops? Was it some angry mutant-hating sniper? Or was it something else?

Special thanks to David Uzumeri for inadvertently giving me the inspiration for the last couple pages. And of course, thanks to ManiacClown for his help throughout and for being a good sport.

If you’re up for it, give us a visit tomorrow to see the Ultimatum Edit Annotations.

The Annotations!

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11 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 5: Day Seven”

  1. Holy shit, the screwball Loony Tunes character with the Jeph Loeb face takes the whole thing to a whole ‘nother level. Excellent work work all around gentlemen.

  2. Personally, I’m guessing that the mysterious shadow lady is Power Princess/Zarda. Just judging by the sleeves. Anyway, fantastic addition to the annals of parody, kudos all around. Almost makes Ultimatum worth it, just so that we can rip into it like this.

  3. It’s all true. Immortal Weapons is awesome, and Fat Cobra is easily one of the best characters Marvel has created in years.

  4. Lol. The final 2 pages are great!!! Thinking about it… Superboy would have to punch reality, so Loeb and Ultimatum ceased to be.

  5. Nice ending; loved it.

    But my god, that In Memoriam page is just embarrassing. “Hey, kids! Look at all the great characters we killed! Whoops!”

  6. I have to agree, the Duffy/Loeb creation is great.

  7. While I love these, I just have to say, sorry, but Roger Stern written Hobgoblin was better than the Green Goblin. It went to shit with the whole Ned Leeds thing, but Stern’s Hobby > Osborn any day of the week. I’ll forgive you since it’s Quicksilver saying it and he’s always been a fuck up. Everything else is awesome though.

  8. Well done, sir(s). Well done.

  9. Kingdom Come sucked and I don’t care who knows it.

  10. welp, AoA is effectively canceled, it’s being Blue Beetle’d

    @AERose: less being wrong and more praising of the almighty Gavok, peon

  11. I wouldn’t say Kingdom Come sucked, but it is vastly overrated. It’s kind of a mess from a storytelling standpoint. It’s mostly a showcase for Alex Ross’ new character designs.
    It’s really not a story that needs to be re-visited as much as it has been.
    In other words…a Magog series? Really?