Before Pluto: The Greatest Robot In The World

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Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka is an adaptation of a classic Osamu Tezuka Astro Boy and probably the best comic to drop this year, with only Asterios Polyp (review here, amazon) and Darwyn Cooke’s Parker: The Hunter (spotlight coming, amazon) coming close to toppling it.

The story it’s based on was also turned into a cartoon years upon years ago. Luckily, because Manga Entertainment understands how to use the internet the way it should be used, you can check it out for free and legally here:

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6 comments to “Before Pluto: The Greatest Robot In The World”

  1. Personally like 20th Century Boys way better, but that’s just me.

    I’m curious though, how far is Viz into Pluto right now?

  2. Four volumes, and it’s published on a bimonthly schedule.

  3. I think this was the second series. There was an older B&W one.

    Also, ‘Pluto’ is really amazing. I loved every minute of it from start to finish.

    Hopefully, Naoki Urasama’s recent comic, “Billy Bat” will turn out to be great. It has had a good start so far.

  4. Hulu has the first season up http://www.hulu.com/astro-boy

  5. Hmm… so you say this may be the best comic this year, eh? But it may be contended against by Asterios Polyp and Parker: The Hunter! We’ll never know for certain until only one of them remains. We must pit them in battle to the death, until we find out by brutal elimination which is the greatest graphic novel of the year!

  6. aw that’s still pretty early then.

    but if any of you are the type who is super serious about spoilers, I’d be wary of checking out the original story (which if any of you are interested can be bought here – http://www.amazon.com/Astro-Boy-3-Osamu-Tezuka/dp/1569716781/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1249767808&sr=8-1 )

    Because pretty much everything that happens in the original story happens in Pluto (with some big exceptions made of course), every single major death, fight and plot development happens there, really a great example of adapting an old story. Though Urasawa changes the context and significances of some of these and adds the whole (SUBTLE) Thracia plotline and the Asimovian look at AI.