Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day One

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This is the Ultimate Edit, of Ultimates Volume 3. Good guys, bad guys and explosions as far as the eye can see. And it goes to issue 5. I wonder how it will be. This is the Ultimate Edit, of Ultimates Volume 3.

If you missed the first and second issues, then you should probably go read those. It’s okay. I’ll wait.

Scarlet Witch got shot, a bunch of mutant badguys popped into the mansion, fought the heroes and skipped town with the corpse. Now Wolverine’s there. Spider-Man is probably still unconscious but nobody cares about him.

One thing that doesn’t come up in these edits that really bugged the hell out of me is the narration. At the very end of the second issue, once Wolverine steps in, it makes a mention that this takes place, “one second ago”. Why the first two issues were counting down to Wolverine’s mid-sentence, I don’t know. But in the first page of the third issue, taking place immediately after Wolverine’s entrance speech, it explains the scene as taking place “last night”. WHAT?

That’s going to mess with somebody’s mind once the trade comes out.

As always, a thank you to partner ManiacClown.

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7 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day One”

  1. Careful, if you keep this up I might actually start looking forward to the next Ultimates comic.

  2. Ahahaha, you son of a bitch, I lost it when I scrolled down to the character portraits. Nice touch.

  3. you know the little thing that makes me smile more than anything in these edits? The inverted commas either side of “writer”.

    Also, wolverine has fanged teeth, uneven sideburns and a divit in his chin. Captain America’s eyebrows come through his mask. Wasp is small…. why? Wouldn’t that be tiring? So many questions have been raised. So many will never be answered.

  4. The person with the tiny power is always tiny. It’s tradition.

    Speaking of vague segues, I love that Ultimate Edit wasn’t just a one time thing for the first issue. I’ve half a mind to collect all five “issues” in a .rar and call it a trade. Also there’s something utterly endearing about Wolverine’s Canadian pride. He totally says aboot.

  5. “We’ve gone on too long without a random fight scene. Anyone want a piece?”

    That actually made me go and check the previous two issues. Both of them have exactly one page of talking before a double splash page where a completely gratuitous fight scene breaks out. Issue 1, Venom punches Thor through the wall of the mansion. Issue 2, Spider-Man is randomly assaulted by Bullhawkeye. Issue 3, Wolverine fights Bullhawkeye for no reason. And while Loeb’s first issue on Hulk at least spent a couple of pages on character merely recreating a fight scene before the gratuitous double splash page, issue 2 also has a random action-packed double splash page after just one page of talking. I seriously think the man might have ADHD.

  6. I’ve decided that the Cybernetic Ghost is more reliable a storyteller than Jeph Loeb.

  7. Wolverine wore a costume somewhat similar to his Ultimate one in Uncanny during Morrison’s new X-Men. The backup still makes no sense but there’s some vague possible explanation there. Of course, it requires Loeb to have read Uncanny, and I wouldn’t blame him if he hadn’t.