This Week in Panels: Week 61

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Why, hello there! Feels nice to be doing a post that for once isn’t about guys in tights fake fighting. Wait, shit.

David Brothers and regular contributor Was Taters each have their share of panels to throw into the pile. Remember, if there’s a series you read that we don’t, always feel free to throw a panel my way. Email’s to the side.

Sorry for the lack of a good starter image. I like JRJR most of the time, but his Avengers work is really turning me off. In a way, NOT having to see his rendition of the Hood makes for a better panel.

Avengers #7
Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr.

Azrael #14
David Hine and Cliff Richards

Batman #704
Tony S. Daniel

Batman, Inc. #1
Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette

Batman: The Return
Grant Morrison and David Finch

Chaos War: Chaos King
Brandon Montclare and Michael Wm. Kaluta

Chaos War: Dead Avengers #1
Fred Van Lente and Tom Grummett

Daken: Dark Wolverine #3
Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu and Giuseppe Camuncoli

Darkwing Duck #6
Ian Brill and James Silvani

DCU Legacies #7
Len Wein, Scott Kolins, Dan Jurgens and Brian Stelfreeze

Deadpool MAX #2
David Lapham and Kyle Baker

Flash #6
Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul

Green Lantern #59
Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke

Green Lantern Corps #54
Tony Bedard and Tyler Kirkham

Hellblazer #273
Peter Milligan, Giuseppe Camuncoli and Simon Bisley

Hellboy: Double Feature of Evil
Mike Mignola and Richard Corben

Hulk #27
Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman and Mark Robinson

Power Girl #18
Judd Winick and Sami Basri

Spider-Girl #1
Paul Tobin and Clayton Henry

Spirit #8
David Hine, Moritat, Walter Simonson and Jordi Bernet

Superman Batman #78
Joe Kelly, Jack Kelly, Ed Benes, Amanda McMurray and Brett Booth

Thunderbolts #150
Jeff Parker and Kev Walker

Yes, it’s finally happened. Darkwarrior Duck is in a comic book.

Dead Avengers is a damn good start and I’m really finding myself enjoying the hell out of Chaos War. Not just as a miniseries, but as an event.

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12 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 61”

  1. *Reads GL panel*

    Irony calling Hal on line 1?

  2. Why am I not buying Darkwing Duck? Every panel I see just brings joy to my heart.

  3. “You don’t make your crimes go away by putting on a ring” – really Hal? Really?

    So I guess you’ll be doing some time for all those people you killed when you went just a little crazy.

    Or do DC writers just not see the irony?

  4. I’d guess the writers would argue either that Hal was being controlled, so it’s different, or that his stint as the Spectre was his punishment. You know, community service.

    Darkwing Duck is outstanding.

  5. I usually like JRJR too but oh man the art in this month’s Avengers… I only figured out that was the Hood from context clues, and judging from Noh-Varr’s girlfriend he apparently hasn’t seen a woman since the 80s.

  6. I got the first two issues of Chaos War and haven’t been thrilled. I’m not in a hurry to get #3 or the tie-ins.

  7. Wait wait wait. Is Bendis still doing that ‘the infinity gems are on earth’ crap he did in illuminati? Is that godawful series canon?

  8. @Capo Del Bandito: You’re asking if the Avengers miniseries written by the main Avengers writer, which acted as a prologue to the company’s biggest event of the time and introduced Noh-Varr to the Avengers corner of Marvel… is canon?

    It is worth noting that Bendis completely fucked up which character has which Gem.

  9. @Gavok: I figured that illuminati garbage, what with “The Beyonder” being a mutant Inhuman to be sort of a ‘spin off what if’ crap. Every single issue pretty much said “fuck continuity’, so yes, I figured it wasn’t canon.

    It wasn’t done in a ‘GLA Squirrel Girl” kind of way. It was done in a “I’ve done little to no research and am applying a different set of rules’ kind of way.

  10. That Spirit panel is really striking, haunting, take your pick. I’m kind of enamoured with it. (I haven’t read the book so me saying this is no comment on the scene it takes place in)

    Also, I know he hasn’t been doing it that long but I’m pretty sure Declan Shalvey’s Juggernaut is my favorite.

  11. @Jordan: Moritat is a monster artist, basically. The Spirit looks great. Hine’s looking good on the script, too. Tucker Stone convinced me to finally try it, despite the dumb “Ebony White should be a sassy black chick!” thing.

  12. “I swear the harder I fight, the better he likes it! And why is he breathing funny?”