This Week in Panels: Week 39

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Almost running a little too late on this one, but work and Toy Story 3 kept me busy today. If I could give any warning about this week’s comics, it’s this: don’t check out Age of Heroes if you have any interest in the Young Masters whatsoever. Even though they take up 2/3 of the cover, they do even less than the Dark Reign miniseries that created them. Seriously, two pages of aimless dialogue. That’s it.

Age of Heroes #2
Brian Reed, Chad Hardin, Victor Olazaba and various others

Atlas #2
Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman and Ramon Rosanas

Azrael #9
Fabian Nicieza and Ramon Bachs

Dark Wolverine #87
Daniel Way, Marjorie Liu and Mirco Pierfederici

Darkwing Duck #1
Ian Brill and James Silvani

Deadpool #24
Daniel Way and Carlo Barberi

Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #12
Victor Gischler and Bong Dazo

Joker’s Asylum II: Harley Quinn
James Patrick and Joe Quinones

Joker’s Asylum II: Mad Hatter
Landry Quinn Walker and Keith Giffen

Magog #10
Keith Giffen and Tom Derenick

Marvelous Land of Oz #7
Eric Shanower and Skottie Young

New Avengers #1
Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen

Darkwing Duck status: awesome. Give this series a look. Personally, I’m just happy to have Launchpad McQuack back in some capacity. I missed that guy.

Speaking of Launchpad, did you know there was a full-length version of the Ducktales theme? I surely didn’t.

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8 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 39”

  1. Oh man. Every time I see a picture from the Darkwing Duck comic, I just want it so badly. So very badly.

  2. Dark Wolverine completely dropped off in quality like 3 issues ago. Camuncoli really was the only thing holding that book together, and he can barely hold it together even when he’s around.

    I loved both Joker’s Asylum one-shots this week. Harley Quinn especially. It reminded me why I loved the BTAS version of the character and why I don’t like how they’ve tried to play her up as an anti-hero lately.

  3. I’d considered Darkwing, but wasn’t sure about it and decided to wait on reviews. Now that the reviews I’ve heard are good, I’ll probably go back and get it this week when I pick up the new stuff.

  4. Speaking of Launchpad, the DuckTales run in Uncle Scrooge started last week. Plus Gizmo Duck!

  5. There seems to be something missing from this list. Mainly Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Black Cat, and Spider-Man.

  6. Did you know the guy who sang the Duck Tales theme also did that Tekken 5 opening theme? Go look it up.


    …it almost fits. Especially during the kitten catch.

  8. “Speaking of Launchpad, did you know there was a full-length version of the Ducktales theme? I surely didn’t.”

    You have a hive mind with my sister don’t you? Not 10 minutes ago she was telling me this.