This Week in Panels: Week 34

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Welcome to a very special Siege/Brian Michael Bendis/Luke Cage/Keith Giffen-themed This Week in Panels. For those of you new to the concept, every week, we take every new comic we’ve read since Wednesday and sum it up with one panel as a way to give you the gist without being entirely spoiler-heavy. hermanos has broken the rule against using full or two-page images as panels, but he writes the non-existent checks, so I’ll let it slide.
(joke’s on Gav, that page from BPRD: King of Fears is the top half of a page and the bottom half are a series of reaction shots. not technically a two-page splash! that’ll be two week’s non-pay for libel. -djdb)

Amazing Spider-Man #631
Zeb Wells, Emma Rios and Chris Bachalo

Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #1
Warren Ellis and Kaare Andrews

B.P.R.D. King of Fear #5
Mike Mignola, John Arcudi and Guy Davis

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1
Grant Morrison and Chris Sprouse

Booster Gold #32
Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Chris Batista

Daredevil: Cage Match
Antony Johnston and Sean Chen

Dark Avengers #16
Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato

Deadpool Team-Up #893
Rob Williams and Matteo Scalera

Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1
Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Reilly Brown

Hulk #22
Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness

Iron Man: Noir #2
Scott Snyder and Manuel Garcia

Justice League: Generation Lost #1
Judd Winick, Keith Giffen and Aaron Lopresti

Magog #9
Keith Giffen and Tom Derenick

New Avengers Finale
Brian Michael Bendis, Bryan Hitch and Stuart Immonen

New Avengers: Luke Cage #2
John Arcudi, Pepe Larraz and Eric Canete

Punisher MAX #7
Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon

Sentry: Fallen Sun
Paul Jenkins and Tom Raney

Siege #4
Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel

Siege: Embedded #4
Brian Reed and Chris Samnee

Titans: Villains for Hire Special
Eric Wallace, Fabrizio Fiorentino, Mike Mayhew and Sergio Arino

Web of Spider-Man #8
Fred Van Lente, Javier Rodriguez, J.M. DeMatteis and Val Semeiks

X-Factor Forever #3
Louise Simonson, Dan Panosian, Eric Nguyen and Aluir Amancio

I really have to mention that this week’s Deadpool Team-Up is must-read stuff. Probably the funniest issue involving the character since his recent deluge of constant appearances.

I’ll get into my feelings on Siege sometime in the next couple days.

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17 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 34”

  1. See, there was a little discussion on that.


    It’s been a popular one since Asterix mentioned it, but it’s a misconception nonetheless.

    NO-ONE IN BRITAIN LIKES WARM BEER. It’s about as ludicrous as saying that Polish people have a penchant for collecting umbrella stands.

  2. …Sure I posted something before.

  3. @Stig: Ah, there we go. Wonder why I couldn’t see it before?

  4. Nothing from Secret Six this week? There were at least three classic Black Alice moments in there!

  5. @stig, as a follow up, NO ONE IN AMERICA LEARNS ABOUT BRITAN FROM COMIC BOOKS. It’s a J-O-K-E, lighten up.

  6. @Steve: Secret Six was the previous week.

  7. Rob Williams is British, isn’t he? Sounds like he’s taaking the piss out of the Land of Oil And Cheeseburgers. BULLY!


  8. The warm beer joke doesn’t make me angry, not angry enough to use all caps anyway, I just don’t understand it. Most of your other Brit stereotypes have at least some basis in the truth.

  9. My understanding (and this may be wrong) is that many Europeans don’t drink their beer ice cold. I know the practice of drinking particularly cold beer here in the US has to do with quality. Miller, Budweiser, etc. all taste awful and the cooler they’re served the less flavor they have. Therefore lots of really cold beer in the US.

    So in a way it’s a complement about the general quality of beer in Europe as opposed to the US.

  10. *HOLY SHIT that scene in ASM! I’m not sure how I feel about it.

    On the one hand, it was very chilling and moving and powerful and (reasonably) tasteful, as far as on-panel violence. On the other hand, any time they kill off a kid, I have to ask “is this really worth it?”

    I have to say, though, that I have never rooted so hard for an eleven-year-old girl (or however old Ana is) to get brutally beat down. And I don’t know how I feel about THAT either. [Reposted from different thread where it didn’t belong.]

    *Totally agree about DP Team-Up. There were so many panels you could’ve picked. I’m not really sure what the point of this series is, but this issue was pure fun.

    *Web of Spidey was great. Interesting villain, good humor, and Van Lente really gets Peter Parker.

    *If you’re going to do an all-things-Siege post, then I’ll just wait to comment on those books.

  11. Analyzing that ASM scene again and again and I think I see what’s happening.
    Notice the word boxes. How the lizard and connor’s boxes merge into a hybrid style…I think the the lizard actually killed itself.

    Or I could be wrong…it could have just eaten the kid.

    This is the problem with this particular artist, you could never figure out what the hell is going on in his panels. But I guess it works if you’re looking for a cliffhanger.

  12. @New_Guy_Number_Whatever: Well, it was a little ambiguous until the coda with Lil’ Orphan Ana staying to enjoy the show. That little girl is f-ed up. Seriously, I want her to die.

  13. @clay: The point of Deadpool Team-Up is basically the same as the 90’s What If series and Marvel Comics Presents. It’s a way to showcase new talent on a monthly basis while using characters and concepts that by theory should sell.

    I’d imagine one of the concepts behind the series is to try and get the name out for whoever teams with Deadpool. The Zapata Brothers and US-Ace issues were very blatant about this.

  14. Speaking as a Brit, we do drink room temperature ale or bitter (like beer but flat and generally tastier) but it’s often seen as a bit old man-ish. No one drinks lager (beer) warm unless you have to.

    My views on Deadpool are summed up here.

  15. @Valhallahan: Your views on Deadpool are moronic and your blog is such an eyesore it made my retinas want to drink heavily, get behind the wheel of a car and commit vehicular suicide.

  16. Ouch! I’ll admit it wasn’t exactly ‘high art’ art though.

  17. I just discovered this blog, but I love this feature!

    “Don’t listen to Logan.”

    I always listen to Logan.”