New Ultimate Edit Week 1: Day Three

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Welcome back!

In our last installment, Hawkeye and Iron Man continued to talk about stuff (their favorite bands, chicks who’ve broken their hearts, the Matrix) until a bunch of angry dudes with superpowers showed up randomly. Sucks especially for Hawkeye, since nearly everyone on the opposing team appears to be bulletproof.

How will our heroes (if you can call them that) get out of this alive?! HOW?!

Join ManiacClown and I tomorrow as we watch the Ultimates continue to fight the Defenders. Then we get a special appearance by everyone’s favorite Ultimate Edit mainstay! Then again, I’m only assuming he is.

Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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2 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 1: Day Three”

  1. ahahahaha Armors Wars reference

    also the return of Tony’s ribs

  2. I refuse to believe that any version of Tigra has any kind of superpower. I’m gonna say Hawkeye missed because he distracted by her unusually well-defined abs.