New Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Two

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Yesterday’s installment dealt with Valkyrie and her origins. How she met the Defenders and how Hank Pym does it while wearing his Ant-Man helmet. Much like with Sue Dibny, there’s something kind of wrong about shoehorning in some retcon gross sex stuff on a character who’s still freshly dead. Now we continue with the explanation of how Valkyrie went from one costume to another.

ManiacClown believes Black Panther’s jump is more Kevin Bacon in Footloose, but I pulled rank on him. Plus if I think about it long enough, I’ll get that song stuck in my… Goddamn it.

For the sake of comparison, here’s the edited-in joke from the previous New Ultimate Edit and the not-edited-in joke from this issue of New Ultimates.



More rescue bedlam tomorrow.

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2 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Two”

  1. Can’t believe you guys didn’t do anything with the :Oh shit, son!” goblins in the last panel.

  2. “Look! Free biscuits!” So Deadpool turned into an orc in the Ultimate universe? Well, that’s a step up from a zombie head.

    Great work as usual, gentlemen.