New Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Two

May 10th, 2010 by | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

As of yesterday, Captain America had a heated conversation with Valkyrie. A conversation SO heated that Valkyrie’s been balling up her fist. Time for something actiony to happen.

Tomorrow, ManiacClown and I will be back for dragons, orcs, jungle folk, tigers, and post-coitus. See you then.

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5 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Two”

  1. I think the line about the Futurama episode with the dog goes incredibly well with Cap’s expression.

  2. Jurassic Bark! Sad face…

  3. Seriously. I saw that panel and I was like… “Holy CRAP, where is his FOOT?” Because, man… it’s gotta go somewhere.

  4. Holy shit, was that a Joe Kelly’s Deadpool, kick-brainwashed-cap-in-the-balls-to-save-the-world reference!?

    Yes, it was.


  5. I can’t watch that episode of Futurama. Like, ever. Makes me shed a single manly tear (because obviously I wouldn’t burst into tears for hours and hours, rocking and weeping and drooling like a baby, ahem). Funny how they used to do that in early Simpsons, too – put the dog on the chopping block every time they wanted to do a “heartstrings” episode. Hate to use the phrase “self-loathing,” but —

    Hang on.

    Is that Zarda the Wonder Woman? (sung like “Champion the Wonder Horse”) Flipping Wonder Woman in the Ultimates! Goodness.

    And Cap has the letters U.S. on his belt buckle? That pudding is well and truly over-egged.